How to write the composition volume how to change the world

How to write the composition volume how to change the world

During study at school and the university one of widespread types of tasks is writing of the composition reasoning on any given subject. For example, the pupil can tell how it is possible to change to the best the world around.


1. Begin your composition with the introduction. Tell what you see current state of the world around, for example, as is to people in different countries whether you are happy personally how influences the nature and society of people. Report that in the world there are problems which need to be solved to keep richness of the planet and to create favorable conditions for life to people and animals.

2. Devote the following 2-3 paragraphs to illumination of the main, in your opinion, problems which need to be solved as soon as possible. For example, tell about the irresponsible relation of the person to the nature: deforestation, hunting for rare species of animals, pollution of reservoirs, etc. Also describe a problem of the military conflicts which lead to destruction of large natural territories and settlements of people. Tell about the main public problems, for example poverty, hunger, illiteracy, etc. Describe the countries and the cities with the least favorable situation.

3. The subsequent part of the text can be devoted to the description of ways of the solution of the problems which developed in the world. Show imagination and also use knowledge gained from other disciplines to write as much as possible interesting and effective methods. Give examples of public organizations which fight against consequences of the harm rendered by the person and help to prevent new disasters: UN, "Red cross", Wildlife fund and others.

4. Do not forget to tell how consciousness of people has to change and that can help with it. Note the fact that change of the world it is necessary to begin with change of yourself to care, for example, about surrounding people and more often to show kindness, not to do harm to the wild nature, to impart the corresponding knowledge to new generations, etc.

5. Pass to statement of your own opinion. Tell what impact on the world around you have whether you made negative acts, whether helped to prevent the harm done to the nature by other people. Using imagination, try to think up and offer new ways of maintenance of an order in the world around.

6. Finish the composition reasoning a conclusion in which focus attention on instability of the modern world and existence in it of the problems requiring the operational solution again. Express your opinion on any given acts of people in the relation of both preservation of the environment, and causing damage by it. Tell whether you will fight further for maintaining wellbeing in the world and as.

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