Modern teenager: what it

Modern teenager: what it

The teenage period is characterized by age bracket of 11-17 years. All this time the child is in a condition of pubertal crisis which has an effect on all spheres of activity of the teenager.


1. It should be noted that the leading activity of the teenager is intimate and personal communication with peers. It means that parents should not worry that the child spends with friends much time. The communication trend at distance is characteristic of modern children. For this reason they spend a lot of time on the Internet. Try to give to the child more opportunities for communication with peers: send it to the camp, to the sea or to other crowded places.

2. Teenage age – the puberty period. Modern children try to learn about the reproductive system quicker and more. It is not necessary to put a taboo on this subject, otherwise it forms a bigger interest from the teenager.

3. For the teenager his role in collective is important. Modern children accurately divide concepts the leader and the derelict. You watch that your child did not take a position of the person to whom school psychological persecution is directed. If you see that the child comes home depressed, sad, then urgently you discuss with him all situation. Perhaps, it is necessary to change school or even your apartment.

4. Nervousness of nervous system of the teenager – an integral part of his physiological growth. For this reason the teenager constantly wants to clash. Try not to touch such qualities of the child as negativism, obstinacy, willfulness once again. It is not necessary to give to the teenager of direct instructions as as it is necessary to do. It is the best of all to create choice illusion.

5. In the modern world it is very important to understand inner world of the teenager. With implementation of a large number of the equipment children began to pay less attention to lively conversations. Therefore try to talk to the child more often. Give family parties or dinners during which you could discuss what occurred during the day.

6. A difficult task of the modern teenager is the ability to an adequate self-assessment. Those stereotypes which impose them media are unacceptable for normal psychological development. You teach the child to allocate objectively the positive and negative sides. Give the teenager compliments more often and just do not forget to take to him the parental care and love.

7. Bringing up the teenager, you remember that results can be delayed in time. Positive traits of character of the child can be shown at the age of early youth when the outlook and self-determination of the person begins to be formed.

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