Nervous system at children

Nervous system at children

What is the full-fledged health? Health is a state which oversteps the bounds, say, of absence of a tonsillitis, a SARS or headaches. It is good not to be ill, certainly, but health has also other, nonphysical party. Are intrigued? Let's not weary: strengthening of health of nervous system will become a subject of our today's reflection.

Why this system can pay so much attention? Yes because it is so important that the slightest malfunctions of health of the baby (strong overfatigue, a lack of a dream, irrational food or the weakness connected with health) instantly deprive of both children, and their parents of quiet everyday life and joyful weekend. And so, nervous system of kids needs and to be developed and to strengthen properly.

The fairy tale for the night

Really magically the spent minutes together with the kid it is difficult to overestimate a role of these. However, we got used to think of fairy tales as some magic plot told before going to bed the kid. Actually the essence of the fairy tale is much wider.

Except the narration, so, expansions of an outlook, the evening story is capable to remove nervous and muscular tension, to prepare a body and mind of the baby for immersion in a dream, to begin this transition from wakefulness to night luxury and, of course, to sate perception new bright images which can become then sweet children's dreams.

However not each fairy tale can become the suitable fairy tale with the status "before going to bed". Only that which is read by the silent, a little chest voice turning into whisper receives this rank. And only that in which gradually there are less verbs, that is actions, and more adjectives, that is the descriptions starting work of the tireless imagination passing into dreams . Such fairy tale will pacify the baby, will bring his nervous system to a state of absolute rest.

Bring to attention of your tiny listener the fairy tale of own composition about a travel of sisters of eyelashes to the country of pink cheeks and sleepy eyes or about the multi-colored iridescent fairies extracting sweet nectar for each part of a body of the tot. Such nectar by all means takes off fatigue from handles and legs, encloses a pink fluffy cloudlet under each chubby finger and gently touches gold curls on heads of kids.

Water procedures and children's swimming

Nervous system is widespread on all departments of a body, and they need good food in the form of blood supply and a relaxation (i.e. relaxations). The nature already took care of relaxation of nervous system, having imprisoned the baby at an early stage of development almost in personal zero gravity. That is in water. The kid in the pre-natal period "swims" in amniotic waters and feels comfortable. Then the environment of its stay changes. But certainly relaxation in water remains at the level of cellular memory – for this reason all children so like to take baths!

So, take care that the baby had a daily access to "high water" - for this purpose to remove a children's bath enough and to leave in use "adult". Pour water up to the top drain hole, start the baby together with toys in warm comfortable water and look after the happy bathing child. Farther he will make everything.

Water has the most beneficial influence on an organism, allows to unload from tension to a back, handles, legs, to a neck, a face and deep internal muscles. And if it wants to add a hardening element to the daily procedure, include a shower and slightly lower water temperature.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team