Recommendations about fight against a children's lie

Recommendations about fight against a children's lie

Very often it happens so that children at any given age deceive parents. In many cases it involves anger of the father or mother and also frequent mistakes because of which the child resorts to a lie again. That to avoid it, it is necessary to know some rules of conduct in such situations.

The main thing that should be made, it to understand the reasons of a children's lie and to understand what pushes the little man on deception. It is impossible to abuse and punish the child at all, it can have absolutely boomerang effect. Especially, children lie not to spite of you. They just try to leave from the truth which to them for some reason, is heavy and uncomfortable. Begin, perhaps, with yourself. Think and frankly admit to yourself whether not too often you abuse, you lecture, you punish your child, you carp at it. Perhaps, because of it he tries to conceal the truth again not to listen from you to a moral or not to incur the next punishment.

The problem of the "lost" diary when the child tries to hide a bad note from parents can serve as an example. Having learned the truth, they abuse, lecture or punish him. And the child, in turn, perceives it as punishment for all same ill-fated bad note, but not for a lie. And next time he will surely try to conceal the truth again, perhaps now the lie will help out. Therefore it is so important not to punish the child, and to quietly explain to him that it is bad to deceive that he can entrust mom and dad everything. It will be very good if you have also not just a heart-to-heart talk, but also you will help the son or the daughter to understand a difficult subject, to correct assessment and from now on not to allow it. Then the child will begin to trust you and to understand that for a bad note he will not begin to be punished.

Children of preschool age also often can deceive for fear to be punished or are afraid that they will be loved less, such disobedient. For this purpose it is not obligatory at all that punishments practiced at you in family. It is sometimes rather simple to them to listen to frightening stories by other kids about how they are abused by houses. Here too straight talk is important. It is necessary to explain to the child that parents always need to tell the truth, for it the kid not only will not be lectured, but also praised. And in case of a problem situation, help the baby to solve it, show attention that he understood that mom and dad can be trusted.

Know that trust, the respect for the child and love will become you the first assistants in difficult fight against a children's lie. Therefore do not forget to pay to the child attention, at whatever age it was, to build with it confidential, and to support friendship. Perhaps, then this problem will never concern you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team