Under what music babies fall asleep

Under what music babies fall asleep

Small children have musical preferences. Under quiet melodious music they fall asleep quicker. And here it is before going to bed better not to put fast dynamic compositions.

Being nine months in a stomach at mom, the child heard the most various sounds. He and after the birth falls asleep under some music better – everything individually.

Natural sounds

Small children fall asleep with pleasure under sounds which remind them of that time when they were in a uterus. It is possible to carry the natural sounds proceeding from the closest to it people to them: heartbeat of mother, her singing, voices of the father, grandmother, grandfather.

Sounds of the nature and brought closer to them also promote good falling asleep of the baby: gradually the current water, rain dropping, the ticking hours, the working chronometer.


The rating of the melodies helping the child to fall asleep is headed by song lullabies. They can be sung most, and it is possible to write down on audio. The special intonation of a voice affects the baby soothingly, he hears mom and with pleasure falls asleep. Mother singing a lullaby to the child establishes between them two a certain spiritual bond. The kid who got used to hear at the same time the singing mother waits for it, and having heard familiar tunes, relaxes.

Classical music

It is possible to speak about peculiar musical tastes of the small child. In search of the best melody for a dream it is necessary to choose those which will lull the baby. So, it is known that small children well fall asleep under classical music which is accelerated and slows down gradually, without sharp contrasts. In this sense Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach, Haydn's creations, etc. are ideal.

Instrumental music

Kids love simple music, for example, of a melody of a usual guitar or a flute. On sale there is a set of disks with records of instrumental music – it is necessary to select songs, pleasant for hearing, with a minimum of fashionable arrangement. Such melodies for certain will be to the taste to your child.

Rap and metal

Some mothers claim that their kids well sleep under heavy to a metallic or rap recitatives. It is possible, but it is not always connected with the fact that children like such music. When the kid is all right with central nervous system, he is healthy, to him all the same what sounds proceed from the radio receiver or the tape recorder – it and so will fall asleep. But it is not recommended to put such music anyway – it influences depressing, podavlyayushche. Over time there can be problems of the psychoemotional plan. Kind of it did not seem to mom that "metal" lulls her child, it is necessary to address his help only in the most extreme cases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team