How to wash away the newborn boy

How to wash away the newborn boy

For the young mom who was just hit in hands of the long-awaited child, the podmyvaniye becomes the real problem. Sometimes just it is terrible even to take the kid on hands what to speak about hygienic procedures. But the podmyvaniye of the baby is an important and integral element of a daily toilet. Therefore it is important to know all nuances how to wash away the newborn boy.

How to wash away the newborn

There are general rules how to wash away newborn, independent of sex:

  • For a podmyvaniye of the baby it is necessary to use only children's cosmetics. The adults products can cause in the kid allergic reaction and irritations on skin;
  • It is necessary to wash away the child warm flowing water after each defecation. Sometimes for a podmyvaniye it is possible to use special children's wet towel wipes, but you should not abuse them;
  • It is optional to use every time detergents. If there is an opportunity, then it is better to wash away kcal just water;
  • It is impossible to rub or scrub away dried on skin of the kid of kcal by no means. In such situation it is worth wetting a cotton pad baby oil and to accurately wipe the polluted area;
  • You should not use a baby powder along with other creams and oils. Otherwise on skin of the baby lumps can be formed and grate skin;
  • If during a podmyvaniye of the newborn reddenings or any allocations from a genital tract were found, then you should not self-medicate. Safest for the baby — to address the pediatrician.

Before washing away the newborn it is necessary to prepare all elements:

  • Detergents;
  • Towel;
  • Diaper;
  • Powder, cream under a diaper or special oil;
  • Cotton pads.

How to wash away the newborn boy

At the first podmyvaniye of the boy of many mothers the question puzzles what to do with extreme flesh of the baby. Many doctors among whom Komarovsky, at a podmyvaniye of the newborn boy not strongly recommend to slightly open and furthermore to delay extreme flesh of a penis. If disturbs nothing the kid, then better and not to climb there. Otherwise it is possible to bring some infection or to damage a gentle intimate zone of the kid.

The correct podmyvaniye of the newborn boy consists of the following integral stages:

  • First of all it is necessary to wash carefully hands with soap. Only after that it is possible to take the child to put him on a changing table. It is not necessary to remove from the child pampers at once. It is better to wait 1 — 2 minutes. At this time the kid can pee. 
  • After the diaper is taken off, it is necessary to remove the remains a calla wet towel wipes. But you should not wipe buttocks of the baby zealously.
  • Now the baby should be taken correctly on hands: the head of the child is located on a bend of an elbow of mom, and the back is put on hand length. Mom has to hold with fingers of this hand a hip of the kid, and to hold with the second hand it for buttocks.
  • Podmyvaniye of the boy needs to begin with a penis and passing to a scrotum. It is important to watch the water temperature that it was optimum for the baby.
  • If for some reason there is no opportunity to wash out an intimate zone of the kid, then it is necessary to use cotton pads and boiled water. Here the way of a podmyvaniye remains to the same: beginning from a penis, passing to a scrotum. Further all folds and a bottom of the kid are processed.
  • When water procedures are finished, it is necessary to wipe the child a towel. It is impossible to wipe at all. Only carefully to blot sites of skin. Otherwise it is possible to injure it.
  • Now about 10 minutes are desirable to allow the kid to take air baths. 
  • If necessary it is possible to process a bottom cream, oil or powder and to put on a diaper.

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