Ways of solution to the conflicts between children

Ways of solution to the conflicts between children

If you have two and more children, then not to avoid the conflicts. You should not panic in this case as disputes and quarrels help children to communicate and build up with each other the relationship. Emergence of quarrels and discontent arises owing to emotionality and spontaneity of children. To understand how to solve a dispute that each child was satisfied, not each adult manages. Let's consider some recommendations thanks to which it will be possible to settle the disagreements arising between children.

Causes of conflict:

  • Fight for attention of parents.
  • Boredom and fatigue.
  • Attempt to draw attention of each other.
  • Rivalry between children.
  • Carelessness of parents to children.

Rules for adults:

  • First, do not act prejudicedly. Understanding a situation, it is necessary to work objectively, kind of you did not treat that, or other child.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to teach children to define borders of the territory and to divide toys. Besides, it will be useful if before taking a toy, children ask each other permissions.
  • Thirdly, it is possible to interfere with the conflicts and disputes of children only if there is a threat of harming health.

Behavior of adults in the conflicts between children

  • Neutralizing the conflicts between children, it is necessary to act as the intermediary, but not the judge.
  • First of all, sort out in what an essence of the arisen problem, and explain it to children. And, each child should explain opinion of other child. Consider that the most part of quarrels arises owing to sneers and the unfair relation to each other.
  • Further it is necessary to find a way out together with children. Suggest children to think up ways of the decision of a dispute. For example, if the quarrel arose because of a game, then tell that they will not be able to continue it, will not be able to reconcile yet.
  • If, having explained a situation, you did not manage to resolve the conflict, then bring together "family council" in which all family members will be able to take part.
  • In the circumstances it is necessary to stop a quarrel at the initial stage, without allowing its aggravation. It is often enough to change scenery in order that children calmed down a little. After the solution of all contradictions do not forget to praise children for the shown efforts.

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