How to issue group in a garden

How to issue group in a garden

Beautifully issued group of kindergarten – pride of tutors and parents, most often a decor is created by joint efforts. If you are not able to afford expensive repair, manage available materials. Having connected skillful hands and imagination, it is possible to create real miracles of design.

It is required to you

  • - acrylic paints;
  • - color paper;
  • - bilateral adhesive tape.


1. Color scale indoors has to be reserved. If the group is located on sunny side, paint walls in blue or green colors, for cool "northern" rooms will be suitable warm beige and yellow tone.

2. Very interestingly walls with drawings look. Not to overload them with an excessive decor, represent a simple plot – for example, a meadow or a forest clearing. It is the simplest to draw quickly drying and non-toxic acrylic paints. In the lower part of a wall represent a grass, flowers and mushrooms, from above draw the sky. Very interestingly also the painting imitating sea depths looks. The main part of a wall becomes covered with blue or turquoise paint, sand, shells, corals is below represented.

3. Painting of walls will become the main subject of design of group. For example, having chosen a sea subject, decorate a game zone with ships, on a floor lay a blue carpet, on a foreground put dolls or bears in striped stripped vests. Curtains can be tied up the cords imitating ropes. Surely equip an aquarium with small fishes or ornamental water plants.

4. The "forest" subject will be supported by a green corner. On reliably strengthened racks and regiments place pots with living plants. That the composition looked integral, paint a cachepot with acrylic paint one color. A part of pots can be suspended. You watch reliability of designs. Near a green corner it is possible to deliver couple of cages with decorative birds.

5. Elegantly also appliques look. Cut out from color paper small fishes, butterflies, birds – depending on the chosen subject. They can be pasted in any order, to interchange the position. It is very good if as designers children act.

6. Thematic registration gives great opportunities for placement of various grants and compositions. They can be grouped at stands or to fix directly to a wall by means of a bilateral adhesive tape. Children very much like replaceable expositions. From time to time organize exhibitions of drawings or hand-made articles. The menu or a day regimen issued in the form of a butterfly or a starfish can even become a decorative element.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team