How quickly to purify skin

How quickly to purify skin

Daily clarification of the person from decorative cosmetics, other pollution extremely important to keep skin healthy and fresh. Quickly special cosmetics will help to get rid of make-up and dirt.


1. Use cosmetic soap. Washing with soap – the most elementary and fast way to get rid of pollution on skin. However you watch the feelings. After use of soap there should not be feeling of tightness, discomfort. Soap as means is not suitable owners of thin dry skin for washing. Besides, it is unsuitable for removal of decorative cosmetics – other means are for this purpose used.

2. Delete make-up by means of fat (20-30% of fat content) cosmetic milk. It without effort deletes from skin and from upper layers of epidermis of particle of decorative cosmetics and dirt. Apply milk to skin, distribute, and then remove by means of napkin. Delete milk for washing differently. After drawing together with make-up wash away it warm water without use of the additional cleaning resources.

3. Wipe skin with lotion. Apply liquid on napkin, cotton pad and carefully remove pollution from face. Keep in mind that lotions contain alcohol. Its contents can vary. So means with 15-25% content of alcohol, and for dry and/or withering – no more than 6-8% is suitable for oily skin.

4. Wash, using skin for washing. Put number of skin on wet face, make foam, and then wash away, having removed together with means all pollution from skin. Instead of skin you can use emulsion. Its difference from skin in higher content of fat that does means suitable for use by people with highly sensitive or dry skin.

5. Apply a little gel to skin and make foam it with water. Then wash away plentiful foam. Gel perfectly purifies skin, has low-fat texture and suits people with any type of skin.

6. If you are "happy" owner of the inflamed or very dry skin, then for you it makes sense to get in the bathroom bottle with cleansing oil for washing. Put several drops of means on face, sprinkle it water, make foam. Means forms milk emulsion with gentle texture. This emulsion perfectly deletes pollution, residues of cosmetics and is washed away by usual warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team