How to put counters free of charge

How to put counters free of charge

And wishes to earn by that who already created the website with its help, it is worth installing counters for registration of requests for the page. There is a set of the services allowing to make it absolutely free of charge.


1. Install the counter from LiveInternet. For this purpose contact on the website and fill all necessary fields for registration. Specify the address of the website, its name, the e-mail address and enter 2 times the password. Besides, you will need to specify keywords and to select who will have access to statistics of the website (in other words, visible there will be a counter or not).

2. Press the button "Further" and check whether correctly you entered data. After check and, if necessary, editing, click "Register". It will be offered to you to install the counter. Select it and click "Receive Counter HTML Code". Copy the received code and insert it into all the HTML pages between tags and. If you use CMS, then this code should be inserted into a template.

3. You can install also the counter "Yandex. Metrics". Register on Yandex to receive this counter. Come into the account and select "Yandex. Metrics". Click "Receive the counter" and pass to the page of adding of the counter. Fill the offered form, having specified the address of the website, the purpose of maintaining statistics of the website (at will) and click "Add". Receive the code which will need to be inserted on pages of the website. Pay attention: counter "Yandex. The metrics" can be only invisible.

4. Register the account in Google to install the Google Analytics counter. If you already have Google mail, then you will be able to enter Google Analytics under the same login and the password. Follow the link "Add the New Account" then the Beginning of Work page should appear. Click "Registration".

5. Enter the website address, the name of the account, the time zone in the fields of a form then click "Further". On the following page enter a name and a surname and specify the country, again click on Next. After that accept conditions of terms of service and click by the Create the New Account button. Receive the code of the counter (the counter too only invisible) and build in it pages of the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team