How to stick together mirror

How to stick together mirror

Will difficult imagine modern interior without mirror. But it not only beautiful, but also very fragile material. You do not hurry to throw out the broken cloth, it can quite be restored. Especially it concerns ancient mirrors. If the mirror does not lie down to repair, then you should not throw out splinters. From them fine mosaics which will decorate not only walls, but also such furnishings as table, headboards of beds and even outer doors turn out.


1. Before how to stick togetherthe subjects mirror, clean and degrease surfaces, using normal acetone (not liquid for varnish removal!), gasoline or special cleaner which can be bought in household shop. For this purpose apply liquid on fabric napkin and process places of joint. After the procedure do not touch degreased surfaces – it can worsen work result considerably. Wait for full drying of mirror

2. Prepare glue. Take liquid glass, sugar and technical glycerin in the ratio 50:19:5. Having slightly warmed liquid glass, dissolve in it sugar, then gradually pour in glycerin and mix. You can try such recipe: having kindled shellac on moderate fire, mix it with turpentine in the ratio 2:1. Cool mix, separate it into small plitochka. Before beginning pasting, slightly heat weight. Instead of the described structures it is possible to use special glues for glass. The industry offers set of types of structures from normal to professional, including the glues which are cured under the influence of UV rays. It requires the ultra-violet lamp.

3. Grease sites of split with thin continuous adhesive layer. Put the processed parts of mirror on horizontal surface, carefully connect and hold under pressure of several minutes. If it is used UF-otverzhdayushchiysya glue, after connection of parts irradiate surface within 2 minutes with the ultra-violet lamp. Then remove with scraper residues of glue and repeat luminescence.

4. Day (when using UF-gluing term it will appear much less) later accurately clean off the surplus of glue which has acted in the area of seam. Now the mirror can be used.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team