What shadows are suitable for blue eyes

What shadows are suitable for blue eyes

magic of color which emphasizes color of iris and does look by more expressive is known to girls. But owners of blue eyes very often are at a loss in the choice of eye shadow at big abundance of options.

It is known that such cosmetic as shadows, originates in Egypt where many women for underlining of beauty of eyes used henna and mix from antimony and also bright ochre and silicate copper. Today, as well as many years ago, women cannot provide the external image without shadows, ink and eyeliner.

The main task of any lady is to look individually for this reason each fashionista selects shadows according to the color of eyes. So, for example, for blue eyes it is only simple to shadow to pick up in case know what shades should give preference and what is not present.

All owners of blue eyes have to remember that their bargaining chip is silvery, pink and violet shadows and also all shades gold. That is the emphasis needs to be placed on those tones which emphasize eyes and do them even more brightly.

Besides, when choosing shadows for blue-eyed it is possible to give preference to lilac shades and lavender and also pearl and gray. It is ideal to emphasize depth of eyes shadows of color of fuchsia and pink shades will help.

Knowing rules of magic of color, you will be able always to look ideally as the make-up with shades of blue or nacreous color will make your eyes not just attractive, but very bright and deep, and such result will never remain unnoticed. Blue and blue shadows for blue eyes will make your eyes similar to the sea in which waters not one man can drown.

And as for more dark shades of shadows for blue eyes, they are recommended to be applied on mobile eyelid and it is good to shade from the middle. But at evening make-up it is worth using black eyeliner which will add saturations to shadows and will make eyes more expressive.

Blue eyes do not need excessive drawing shadows, so they in itself have the sufficient depth of color. But anyway to place small emphasis on color and it is possible to emphasize eyelid. The main thing is to follow all rules when drawing make-up, and then result you, undoubtedly, will please.

As for the brand of shadows for blue eyes, here the choice has to be individual, depending on type of skin and size of mobile century.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team