How to behave when the husband speaks about former

How to behave when the husband speaks about former

The families having second marriage to the party of the husband have a situation when the spouse speaks of the first wife not in the best way. For example, what she badly prepared or was not able to behave in the company as she strongly swore. The second wife in such situation does not know how to react: to ask the husband to keep the experiences around or to be sorry for him.

Eventually are his personal offenses why it drags them in your family all the time? And absolutely it is not known yet whether is these stories the truth. And the husband just can invents? The men who endured first marriage quite often leave it with big cargo of offenses behind the back. And their such stories — most likely, the truth. Otherwise, why to them then to blacken the woman with whom connects nothing any more? Another thing is that it characterizes the man not from the best side.

We will not dig now why the husband does it, and we will look how it is possible to help him to get out of this situation adequately. The wife needs to choose convenient time when she and the husband in good mood when they are full also well-rested. To sit down about darling, to embrace him and a low voice, with tenderness to tell: ""Darling, you at me such remarkable, I love you. But there is one subject which upsets me a little. It is not really pleasant to me when you speak about the last relations. Let your wife remain in the past, and we are with you in the present and the future. We want to live together long and happily? Let's live in the present and future too. Please, give any more we will not speak about it"". If the husband reasonable, and I want to believe what my readers of such choose in husbands, then he has to listen to the words of the wife.

Well, and information which husbands issued, telling about first marriage, can be very useful to wives. Wives already precisely will know what did not suit husbands in first marriage and not to make these mistakes at joint life. It is better for women to listen carefully to spouses and "to take good note of everything". So they will become better to understand each other.

There is more: ask husbands not to accumulate for you offenses, and to state everything at once. Such "Bank" of unexpressed offenses is the real mine of the slowed-down action. Therefore in advance try "not to establish" it in the house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team