What animated films about a dragon are watched by children

What animated films about a dragon are watched by children

Children like various animated heroes: robots, princesses, animal, mythical beings, etc. But not so often as the main character it is possible to see a dragon. Animated films with similar characters win the children's hearts the fantastic atmosphere and uniqueness of a plot.

The first animated films

The Soyuzmultfilm studio became one of the first studios which began to create animated films about mythical beings. In 1953 the animated film Brave Pak is published. Directors are Vladimir Degtyarev and Evgeny Raykovsky. The animated film narrates a story about how every year to nobody the known dragon ruined a harvest of the small village. The brave peasant Pak threw down to a dragon a challenge. Battle between the person and a dragon is shown in the animated film. The general duration of the animated film is 21 minutes.

In 1976 to Georgia movie studios there was an animated film under the name "Again about a Dragon and the Hero". A director of this work is Merab Saralidze. The animated film is created based on the Georgian national fairy tale. It also narrates about battle between the person and the athlete. Duration of the animated film is 9 minutes. The age category is made by children from 8 to 10 years.

If to speak about foreign animated films, then the most popular are the animated series "Tabaluga". It is manufactured in Germany in 1996. The series include one season which consists of 24 series lasting 22 minutes. Action takes place in the Green Country which residents find egg, from it the dragon of Tabaluga hatches. He will have to battle throughout all season against the angry emperor Arktos. The animated film is intended for children aged from 4 up to 7 years.

Computer graphics

Use of computer graphics facilitated creation of animated movies and also drew attention of children and the public. In 1982 released the USA the feature animation film under the name "Flight of Dragons". Dzhulz Bass and Arthur Rankin became directors. Duration of the movie is 96 minutes. The plot of the animated film narrates about how the kind wizard from the Green Wood decides to unite the forces of good with the magic strength of dragons. If to speak about modern animated films, then the most popular is Dean DeBul and Chris Sanders's trilogy "How to tame a dragon". These full-length animated films are created in the USA. The first part of the animated film created in 2010 was several times nominated for the Oscar. The plot of the animated film narrates to us the history of difficult friendship of the teenager Ikkinga and a dragon of the Toothless. The animation movie is completely created by means of computer graphics. In details thought over characters and mysterious backgrounds made the animated film unique.

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