What bag to choose to the school student

What bag to choose to the school student

School students of both initial, and high school daily should carry a set of textbooks, school supplies and also sportswear and footwear. And from that, the school bag is how correctly chosen, health, safety of the child and his ability to transfer loadings of modern school will depend.

Type of a school bag

To younger school students orthopedists do not recommend to use for carrying accessories a bag portfolio with one strap. This product renders unilateral load of a backbone and can lead to its curvature at daily use.

The schoolbag and backpack unites presence at both couple of straps. It allows to carry them behind shoulders, distributing load of a backbone evenly. The satchel, unlike a backpack, has the square or rectangular form, a rigid framework, a bottom and a back. Modern producers also produce the models representing a certain symbiosis of a satchel and backpack in which all best qualities of these types of school bags are combined.

Main selection criteria

Choosing a school bag, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to presence at a backpack of an orthopedic back with the laying softening friction and protecting the child's back from pressure of speakers of corners of books and various school supplies. This laying has to be made of the "breathing" material to provide air circulation.

It is important that the lower area of a back had the form of the roller creating a peculiar lumbar emphasis on which the main loading has to fall.

Dense backs of backpacks most often do of cardboard, a back of satchels – thin metal. At the expense of it the design of the last becomes slightly heavier. Despite this, orthopedists recommend to get satchels for pupils of elementary grades. Their firm back will help the child not to bend a back under weight of a burden and to hold it directly. If you are, seeing the child to a class and meeting him, to carry his school bag, it is possible to manage quite a backpack with a back of average degree of rigidity. The empty satchel or a backpack has to be a lung. The bag for pupils of initial classes has to weigh no more than 600 g, for seniors – no more than 700 g. These figures correspond to the weight of a simple bag without orthopedic elements. But what more product will conform to orthopedic requirements, that it will be heavier. At the same time such school bag will allow to transfer bigger weight without damage to health. So, in backpacks without orthopedic back up to 0.5 kg it is possible to transfer cargo the weight which is 7% of the weight of the child. In a backpack with the condensed back up to 0.85 kg it is possible to carry cargo which mass is already 10% of the child's weight; and in the satchel equipped with an orthopedic back and weighing up to 1.5 kg – cargo up to 15% of the child's weight. Width of a bag should not exceed width of shoulders of the child. Its bottom edge has to be located at the level of a waist, and top – lines of shoulders are higher.

The form and processing of plastic and metal details have to be executed so that an opportunity to be wounded about them was excluded.

Optimum width of shoulder straps – 4-8 cm. They have to be strong, but not crash into the child's shoulders. For this purpose straps are equipped with soft small pillows. Their length has to be regulated.

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