What except pregnancy can be the reason of a delay of menstruation

What except pregnancy can be the reason of a delay of menstruation

Delays of menstruation not always indicate pregnancy. Admissible fluctuations of a menstrual cycle are in limits of five days. The delay over this term can be a symptom of any diseases.


1. The ovulyatorny anomaly can be the cause of a long delay of menstruation. It can arise because of hormonal therapy, emotional shock or an acute inflammation.

2. Changes in the schedule of reception of contraceptive tablets can cause a delay of menstruation. During reception of tablets and some more months after refusal of them can be observed delays, instability of a cycle or in general total absence of monthly. Unexpected interruption of a course or reception of the emergency contraceptive can affect your hormonal balance.

3. About seven percent of normal cycles are followed by endocrine changes which lead to dysfunction of ovaries. For example, there can be a follicular cyst of a yellow body or a cyst of not ovulating follicle which differently is called a syndrome of LOOFAHS. If such formations live longer usual, monthly can be delayed. If the situation repeats several times in a row, that is monthly without the visible reasons are late a cycle behind a cycle, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

4. The irregularity monthly and their frequent delays can cause polikistoz ovaries. This disease which is characterized by violations of production of hormones. Polikistoz of ovaries disturbs an ovulation.

5. Various gynecologic diseases can lead to delays of menstruation. Inflammation of appendages, uterine myoma (benign tumor of muscular walls of a uterus) and other diseases can cause a considerable delay. However similar diseases most often are followed by bleeding from a uterus.

6. Because of damage of hormonal balance or damage of tissue of uterus in the course of abortion there can be problems with regularity of monthly too.

7. Any stress, and is also about exhausting long, and about short-term, but intensive, causes failures in functioning of structure of a brain, in particular it affects a hypothalamus and a hypophysis which regulate sexual activity. The chronic stress can cause delays of menstruation or even their complete cessation.

8. Very fast loss of weight can cause violations of a cycle too. In general, too fast loss of weight threatens with violation of the majority of important processes in an organism. The minimum weight of the woman to which the periods just do not occur is established on a mark forty five-forty seven kilograms.

9. Intensive physical activity is capable to introduce amendments in a habitual cycle of monthly. To avoid similar troubles, try to increase loading gradually.

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