Why it is impossible to overfeed the child

Why it is impossible to overfeed the child

In the first years of life the baby conducts the most active development and growth. It is very important to watch that your kid ate properly and did not overeat, otherwise further there can be some problems.


1. Stomach volume at the small child is about two hundred fifty milliliters. When you feed the child, you have to watch that he did not overeat. The thing is that excessive consumption of food promotes extension of walls of a stomach and increase in its sizes. I can become consequences problems in functioning of digestive tract, liver and pancreas. Digestion of the eaten food will increase load of these bodies.

2. Fast increase in body weight of your child becomes the second consequence of overeating. Remember that at children a set of excess weight occurs very quickly, and disposal of it is problematic. And the danger is even not that the completeness will affect appearance of your kid. Obesity leads also to various failures in an organism, it gives load of internals of the person.

3. Any eaten food has to manage to be digested, and useful and nutrients have to be acquired. When the organism receives these substances more, than it is necessary, he tests an overload. Time spent for digestion of food increases, and the energy necessary for maintenance of the immune system and also growth and development of the baby is spent not to destination. For this reason the overfed children are subject to various catarrhal and other diseases more often.

4. Besides, doctors claim that overfeeding of small children promotes a metabolic disorder, and such problem will do harm to health of your child.

5. To avoid overfeeding, you should not force the child to eat food when he does not want it. You watch the size of portions, refuse addition in baby food of sugar, a large amount of oil, uglevodosoderzhashchy products and farinaceous food. Food which you give to the kid should not be fried, fat, sweet or too salty at all (salt detains water in an organism, and it gives additional load of kidneys). Provide to the baby healthy nutrition. It can be the fresh fruit and vegetables, products steamed, porridges, boiled meat, fish. The sizes of portions depend on age of your child.

6. If you doubt a question of whether your child correctly eats, whether he overeats, you can address for consultation your pediatrician. He will perform inspection of the kid and will make to you necessary advice and recommendations.

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