What is interactive kindergarten

What is interactive kindergarten

The parents wishing to give to the child only the best carefully approach the choice of kindergarten. The increasing popularity is gained by interactive kindergartens in which attention is paid individually to each child thanks to special techniques and the equipment.

Interactive technologies are designed to organize first of all communication of children with each other and with adults, communication is the main condition of harmonious development of the child. Dialogue can be organized both with people, and with the computer on which the developing programs and games are installed.

One of main goals of training in interactive kindergarten is creation of comfortable conditions under which each child feels successful and clever. Educational process is organized in such a way that all children are involved, all participate in a game or process of knowledge. Everyone makes the contribution, exchanges experience and supports others.

The organization of training in interactive kindergarten

Group methods of work can be one of forms of education. For example, all children are divided into subgroups, each of which prepares the project or performs a task. Other option — work in couples or individual.

Interactive boards in kindergarten considerably simplify the organization of the training classes. With their help it is possible to show to children any illustrations or video, to give musical classes or to tell fairy tales. Thanks to the touch screen children can move the represented objects, change the scale of pictures, draw, choose the necessary answers when testing by means of fingers or a marker.

Practically the same functions bear interactive tables for kindergartens. The difference is that they are located horizontally, at convenient height and can work with them at the same time several person.

The interactive equipment for kindergarten can turn on also remote controllers for vote. It is the technology working at radio frequencies, the individual name can be appropriated to each remote controller. Children answer questions of the tutor, pressing the buttons, and he sees results at once therefore has an opportunity to control the level of knowledge in real time, to understand that it is interesting or unclear for kids. The system of interactive vote — an important element of work in modern gardens.

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