What is necessary for the child's birth

What is necessary for the child's birth

It is full to be prepared for the child's birth – a pipe dream of most of parents. Many of already taken place mothers at women's forums complain that it is almost impossible to make it because the theory is one, and the practician – completely different. However timely care of your life after the birth of the child superfluous will not be.

First of all, it is necessary to be going to maternity hospital. There, depending on concrete maternity hospital, you can be necessary: several disposable diapers, slippers, a dressing gown or other comfortable clothes, pair of "nightgownes", not carbonated drinking water in a small bottle (if there is a lot of women in labor, then sisters can react to your desire drink far not at once), pair of disposable shorts, a set of replaceable linen, two pairs of socks, the mobile phone for communication with relatives and the husband – all this only a necessary minimum. If to speak about linen, then try to choose only natural materials, any synthetics. It is desirable if you already know where you will give birth, to specify in the accident ward what precisely is required at receipt in maternity hospital. The next stage – postnatal. Here too it is possible to make the list of prime necessity: children's soap, children's cream (domestic it is not worse than import analogs), hats, socks and "mittens", in some maternity hospitals do not give pampers so too it is desirable to stock up with them, cream from cracks on nipples (for example, Bepanten), silicone overlays for a breast (if nipples are sensitive), disposable overlays for a breast (at surplus of milk), a milk pump (if not enough milk is developed). Means for processing of the child, a diaper and the bed linen is usually provided by maternity hospital. Except everything listed, it is necessary to prepare in details and the house for appearance of the new family member. Next day after an extract (under a condition if you did vaccination) it is already possible to bathe the kid therefore you need a bath. For convenience in a bath it is possible to get a special support - "hill". Certainly, the crib is required, bedding, the dresser with a changing table will become very convenient attribute. On ten pieces (for a start) diapers – warm and thin. Well and, needless to say, a carriage and clothes for walks.

If to speak about the most necessary, then on it the list can be finished. However, in each case something from what in this article is not described can be necessary for parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team