What names of men approach a name of Anastasius

What names of men approach a name of Anastasius

The woman's name of Anastasius is derivative of a man's name Anastas. Anastasia is translated from Hebrew language as: restoring to life, revived and reviving.


1. Name of Anastasius womanly, lovely, gentle and graceful. In Anastasius's childhood is a general favourite, the charming child. Little Nastya is trustful and open, kind and obedient. Anastasia since childhood needs to be accustomed to an order and the accuracy as with age she becomes careful cold and categorical, long looks narrowly at foreign people and perceives councils of only very close people.

2. At the same time Anastasia is rather benevolent and is always ready to help people. Owners of this name become great teachers, doctors and tutors. Also often Anastasius creative professions, actresses or singers as they on character are very emotional and excentric choose.

3. Nastya marry usually early. Men love gentle, sensitive owners of Anastasius. Men cannot touch and win young Nastya's heart. Since early years she is not deprived of male attention and easily falls in love. Men use her trustfulness. And this line often leads to negative consequences.

4. In Anastasius's husbands it is inclined to choose courageous, self-assured men. In marriage she is humble and appeasable, the embodiment of femininity. Anastasia does not show the feelings in public, she is modest in this regard. She always with ease accepts prepotent behavior of the husband in family and it even suits it more. Anastasia in husbands will not suit the silent, quiet man.

5. Men with a name most of all are suitable for Anastasia's marriage: Alexander, Victor, Pavel, Oleg, Konstantin, Vladislav, Boris, Semyon. Owners of these names have strong, strong-willed character, are very courageous, have bright charisma. Marriage with Vadim, Nikolay, Stanislav, Vitaly, Pyotr will be rather unsuccessful.

6. Having married, Anastasia becomes the faithful, gentle and devoted wife and also the beautiful hostess and the keeper of a home. Treason and treachery Nastya will never forgive. In marriage the mutual love and respect is important for Anastasia. The divorce for Anastasia is a tragedy, she perceives everything close to heart, very long cannot release negative emotions.

7. After Anastasia's treachery it is very difficult to get acquainted again and meets with the new man. But if it occurs, then she becomes the good spouse, forgetting about the gentle disposition. Often happens that after Anastasius's divorce devotes all itself to children and repeatedly does not marry.

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