What to do if the child is capricious in shop

What to do if the child is capricious in shop

The visit of shop together with the child is not always convenient. Most of kids are tired and are overexcited. However the most unpleasant for parents happens when the child begins to be capricious directly in the trading floor, and such behavior is frequent develops into the real hysterics.

Not at all parents it turns out to leave the child somewhere alone to go to do shopping. Quite often the kid should be taken and at the same time to be ready to possible consequences in the form of whims, requests to buy something or even the real hysterics. Quite often psychologists advise not to react to provocative behavior of the baby, not to allow it to manipulate you. Such tactics gradually bears fruits: children understand that to be capricious – senselessly, and sooner or later cease to behave so. However this tactics demands steel endurance of parents. Not to spend own nerves and not to give an inconvenience to people around, try several methods of fight against whims of children.

We agree

It is possible to agree with children about rules of conduct in shop much earlier, than it seems to many parents. It is one of elements of the correct education. A preliminary talk will take a lot of time. The simple explanation of rules of conduct at doors of shop, certainly, will not give any effect. It can be preliminary conversations how parents earn money and spend them as adults are upset by bad behavior of the child in shop as ugly children are taken a detached view during whims. All talk has to be carried on in quiet tone that the kid could feel that communicate with it as equals.

Besides, you can find or think up fairy tales in which children are capricious in shop, and as a result everything comes to an end badly. The games modeling similar situations will be not less effective also. That the child was not capricious in shop, agree with it, for example, that surely buy it something one, at the same time stipulating the price and the size. If the kid does not understand money yet, offer him a small gift in advance. It is better if there is a certain choice from two or three objects: so even absolutely small the baby will feel that entrusted it decision-making.

We distract

Turn a visit of shop into a game. Give to the child a "important" task: for example, to help mom to look for certain goods, to put it in the cart, to weigh. Suggest it to count how many objects already in a basket and how many still remained in the shopping list. Put the child in the cart car and play with him the improvised game "navigator-driver". By the way, from such cart it will be visible to the kid goods on shelves worse. If the small child, be prepared for a visit of shop in advance. Take a small package in which there will be different things interesting, but unfamiliar to the kid. Many children is interested not only in toys, but also quite adult objects. Your set of "treasures" can include anything: elastic bands, the shining ball, an empty small bottle with the beads filled there, drying, pieces of fruit. Try to make so that all objects were from different categories: noisy, bright, edible, interesting. Give to the baby all things in turn, it can spend for studying each of them several minutes, and as a result you will have time quietly to make purchases.

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