What to occupy the teenager in the summer with

What to occupy the teenager in the summer with

Summer vacation began. Many parents sent the children to grandmothers to the village or to the children's camp. And some children and remained in the stuffy city. Than to carry away the child in the summer that he has a rest of academic year and gained strength for further study?


1. Campaigns to the forest with spending the night or mini-picnics in the park (on recreation facility). It is the good idea to spend weekend in the bosom of the family. In the fresh air the child not only will have a rest from the house and computer games, but also will inhale useful phytoncides that is extremely useful for his immunity.

2. Daily cyclings. The bicycle – a great way to have a good time on vacation. Driving on it seldom to whom bothers. Such pastime not only strengthens immunity, but also increases endurance and attention of the child. Besides, there is a huge chance to find to themselves new friends. It is possible to equate the scooter and rollers to the bicycle also. They also contribute to the development of such skills as coordination of movements, attention on roads, communication with peers.

3. Campaigns on the museums and interesting actions. The museums and libraries will suit those children who really are interested in them. You should not involve the active child who is interested in sport in similar adventures without its consent. It will only upset you as parent. Let's the child most choose classes for the summer. Also in the summer various entertaining events, such as Festival of paints are often held (small lamps, interactive toys, robotics, radio-controlled models, etc.). There are such actions which are taking place not so often, will be interesting to your child.

4. Beach. It is very important that the child visited beaches only with parents, differently there can be a disaster! And on the beach it is already possible not only to bathe and sunbathe, but also to play in volleyball with the team which is brought together immediately, or to build on a bet the huge sand castle.

5. Rope park. If it is in your city, then you were largely lucky! Interest the child in this occupation, and he will abruptly pump up the muscles during the summer.

6. Quiet summer evenings can be diluted with foot walks. Walk with the child on the city, on parks, at the same time carefree stirring about everything. It will bring together your family, will strengthen the relations and trust between you.

7. For now you at work, offer the child virtual excursions. Show him, what is it, and such excursions for a long time will distract the child from boredom. He will be able to plunge in the online mode into depths of the ocean and to visit the farthest corners of any country, to peep at wild animals and their life cycle. Also, while you are absent, it is possible to revise all movies and animated films which so there was a wish to watch within academic year, but there was not enough all the time for it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team