Whether it is possible to learn about pregnancy without test?

Whether it is possible to learn about pregnancy without test?

 Interests many: whether it is possible by means of other methods, except the test for pregnancy, to learn that there was a conception. Some want to receive quicker confirmation of desired pregnancy, and those women who did not plan the child need early diagnosing of a state for termination of pregnancy because it is known that on early terms it is easier transferred by an organism. There are some special signs which can prompt that you in situation. Let's understand how to define pregnancy without test, with the test and other ways.

Whether it is possible to learn about pregnancy to a delay?

Surprisingly, but some women claim that from the first days of conception they feel it. As doctors assure, ways which could confirm with an accuracy conception to a delay do not exist. But there are some signs and a state which can demonstrate conception.

The woman, before going to hospital for consultation, wants to make sure of the assumptions of conception, with it it can be helped by the following signs:

  • Basal body temperature can change. If you kept the schedule of basal temperature before, then it can help. The fact is that basal temperature in the period of an ovulation increases up to 37 degrees, but not earlier than one week prior to periods it falls to a normal indicator. If you noticed that the periods have to come very soon, and temperature still remains at the level of 37 degrees, then the probability that you are pregnant is very high.
  • Very few people know, but the HGCh level in the woman's organism at conception increases for the 10th day after conception that earlier from the term of approach of periods. Therefore if you suspect that you became pregnant, it is possible to buy the most sensitive test and to use it strictly according to the instruction. Perhaps, such way will help to learn to you about the state. Even if the test will show two strips - it is not the fact that you are pregnant. It is better to take a blood test in hospital on an empty stomach on determination of the HGCh level which for certain will show exact result.

Whether you know? The test for the maintenance of HGCh in the woman's urine the first time was made in 1927. For this purpose women's urine was entered to females of rabbits. To see reaction of ovaries, animals were killed.

  • Also during introduction of the impregnated ovum in a wall of a uterus there can be an injury of blood vessels which provoke the smearing brown or pink allocations at the woman. They last a couple of hours, and then stop - it is important sign which can confirm conception. But sometimes this sign can be accepted for a periods harbinger because allocations happen all some days before periods. Sometimes at all bleeding does not develop.
  • In certain cases campaigns in a toilet can become a thicket because hormonal changes in an organism of the woman promote relaxation in a bladder sphincter.
  • Allocations from a vagina can exchange. In the period of an ovulation they can become more plentiful, but soon will take place and if there is a fertilization, then they will appear again because there will be a formation of a mucous stopper which is created for protection of a uterus throughout all pregnancy.

Perhaps it will be interesting to you to esteem how the period of pregnancy and how many weeks proceeds to last its development.

Changes of a body and health

The woman is pregnant with the main ways of how to learn or not, observation of own body and a condition of an organism is considered. During pregnancy the woman's organism at once reacts to this state, there are hormonal changes which will surely have an effect. These signs can be divided into the main and minor. Let's consider them in more detail and what state is characteristic of them.

Main signs of pregnancy

It is possible to refer to the main signs of pregnancy:

  • Absence monthly in put lines. It is the most important sign. But it can sometimes demonstrate not conception, and hormonal violations in the woman's organism.

It is important! If you had a delay, then it is necessary to make the test for pregnancy to make sure. If the test negative, it is necessary to see a doctor for establishment of the reasons of lack of periods.

  • Sensitivity of nipples and mammary glands. This sign develops because of the hormonal changes affecting first of all a female breast, preparing it for the period of development of milk and feeding.
  • Also during conception there is an increase in a uterus that the woman can feel how her weak tension.

It is possible to call these signs probable, that is at emergence of most of which likely you are pregnant.


There are also presumable signs which can also push to a thought of the taken place conception, they are called minor:

  • Increase in salivation.
  • Nausea, sometimes morning vomiting.
  • Locks or on the contrary indigestions.
  • Disgust for meat products and sharpening of sense of smell.
  • Can be wanted to eat chalk or clay.
  • The increased appetite to sour and hot dishes.
  • The increased irritability, morning weakness, drowsiness.
  • Pigmentation of area of nipples, in certain cases persons.
  • The strip (hem) of pregnancy can be shown.

Important! These symptoms are more often shown not separately, and together that more possibly for the pregnancy period, but can not always confirm it.

Deceptive symptoms

False pregnancy — so still call a state at which the woman is sure of the pregnancy, and physiological signs can also testify to it. This rather difficult psychological state — a phenomenon which is rather difficult for accepting and explaining. During this period there can be no periods, feel sick and even to increase a stomach. Often psychological state of the woman is the reason of this phenomenon. Sometimes so it happens that the woman cannot long become pregnant, and any change of a state is accepted to pregnancy, and the woman so gets used to this role that under the influence of psychological factors also physiological processes of an organism sometimes change. Often happens on the contrary that the woman, very much being afraid to become pregnant, constantly thinks of it and process repeats, as well as in the first case.

Therefore false symptoms can be considered on early terms:

  • Increase in a stomach.
  • Change of mood without the reason.
  • Violations of a menstrual cycle.
  • Increase in weight of the woman which is perceived as pregnancy.

Definition of pregnancy in house conditions

To reveal pregnancy there are many ways and means which can be checked in house conditions. Let's define how to learn and understand that you are pregnant by test and folk remedies.

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With the test

The most widespread way of identification of pregnancy is the test. The test is a special strip which reacts to increase in HGCh in the woman's organism. Of course, it is possible to take a blood test in hospital for more exact result, but often girls prefer to carry out the test for pregnancy in house conditions. It is absolutely simple to make it. As soon as you had a delay, it is possible to start test. For this purpose it is necessary to acquire the special test in drugstore and the next morning to carry out manipulation. In the instruction it is specified as how to do to receive the most exact result.

Without test (folk remedies)

There are national methods of definition of pregnancy:

  • It is possible to determine by urine that there was a conception. For this purpose it is necessary to add iodine to urine. In case it disperses on a surface, then you are not pregnant and if remains in an initial state, then result positive.
  • It is also possible to moisten standard sheet in urine and to add an iodine drop. In case there is violet color, result positive if blue — is not present.
  • If with urine to add soda to a glass, then in case of conception it vspuzyritsya and if settles on a bottom, then result negative.
  • By means of identification of pulse below a navel it is possible to speak about positive result.
  • Also it is considered that if the woman dreams fish, then it can demonstrate pregnancy.

Whether you know? The ovum is considered the biggest cage in an organism, it exceeds the spermatozoon size in 85 thousand times.

Whether precisely I am pregnant?

Ways of definition of pregnancy which are considered in this article cannot be considered a conception guarantee. They are given as possible symptoms and signs which can be shown at the woman during conception. But each organism special and in own way reacts to the happening processes, and sometimes even the test for pregnancy does not guarantee reliability of this state. Therefore, you should not rely on these ways to define that you in situation. For a konstatirovaniye of this state it is necessary to address to hospital.

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Thus, there are many methods and signs for identification of pregnancy in house conditions which can demonstrate conception. But if you want to learn the exact answer to this question, then nevertheless it is better to see the qualified doctor for the help.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team