How to become pregnant from the first

How to become pregnant from the first

 So far for some pregnancies — the bad dream, for others is a long-awaited miracle.

Many young parents in attempt to bring the child face that not everything turns out from the first. Sometimes the child cannot be brought for months that negatively affects the relations of lovers.

We will understand as it is correct to conceive the child from the first, and we will also discuss factors which influence this process.

Myth or reality?

We will begin with discussion of an opportunity to become pregnant from the first attempt.

Many girls, without speaking about guys, are firmly sure that all the time to periods and after it it contributes to pregnancy, however absolutely not so.

Let's go deep a little into the theory to understand why to become pregnant from the first rather difficult.

The fact is that there are 2 major factors on which depends, you will become pregnant or not:

  • viability of spermatozoa;
  • ovulation period.

The ovulation is an exit of an ovum in a uterine tube where it will be available to spermatozoa. Process of an ovulation takes place once a month, sometimes more often. It would seem, all once a month you can with the maximum probability become pregnant how so it happens that the unprotected sex in many cases leads to fertilization?

It is all about survivability of spermatozoa - it is the second factor on which successful fertilization also depends. Spermatozoa keep viability about a week then they are killed by the acid environment of a vagina. Respectively, if in 6 days prior to an ovulation the spermatozoa get into a uterine tube, then, during an ovum exit, they will be still alive and will be able to carry out fertilization. Also high probability of fertilization remains about 2 more days after an ovulation.

However it is impossible to put the end as in our organism there are often not enough specifics, as well as in a case with pregnancy to it. The ovum can be updated for many girls up to 2 times for a menstrual cycle, therefore, 2 times it will leave in the course of an ovulation in a uterine tube.

Why it is impossible to become pregnant from the first if the necessary time was chosen?

All because even the most exact calculations will not be able to yield to you 100% of result as there is a huge number of factors which, though it is insignificant, but influence fertilization process, however in each separate case form the outcome.

Then that if at you it turned out to become pregnant from the first, so you were lucky, everything coincided as it is necessary. If from the first it did not turn out, well, it is worth choosing the most suitable time and to try once again.

Whether you know? At the end of the first trimester of pregnancy at the woman the feeling of sense of smell increases. Scientists consider that thus the nature protects future mother from consumption of the spoiled food.

How to become pregnant: general councils

Continuing a subject of how to become pregnant quickly from the first, we will talk about some councils which, just, will favorably affect collateral factors, and will increase chance of fertilization.

We forget about addictions

All know that addictions and pregnancy — two incompatible words, however alcohol and smoking have also negative effect on attempts to bring the child.


The huge amount of carcinogens reduces quantity of healthy spermatozoa, increasing quantity damaged and defective. It is proved that the smoking men produce 17% less spermatozoa, than non-smoking. As for girls then it is still worse. Smoking reduces fertility (ability to bring forth offspring) and, in certain cases, causes infertility in, apparently, healthy young girls.


Similarly the male body is influenced by alcohol. Genetic material is exposed to various mutations, the quantity of healthy spermatozoa decreases many times, therefore, the chance to become pregnant decreases.

Also you should not forget that from the weak damaged spermatozoon the healthy child will not turn out, even provided that the ovum is completely healthy and is in tone. The reproductive system of women suffers from alcohol not less. So, future mother who before conception took a lot of alcohol reduces positive effect twice.

Important! Doctors recommend to refrain from alcohol for 2 months then it is possible to think of conception.

From the aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that any bad habits affect not only success of fertilization, but also on what child at you will be born.

We watch a diet

At once It is necessary to tell that if you want to conceive the child, then you need to forget about any diets. Any malnutrition is a signal for an organism that hard times began, so, it is better to put production of posterity away for later.

The healthy nutrition has to be various if, according to indications, to include in a diet birch sap, chicory, a tea mushroom, squids, Pamela, blackberry, pearl barley, sour cream, black bread, porridges, pumpkin, sweet cherry, spinach, strawberry, milk, rice, horse-radish, kefir, parsley, carrots, cucumbers, green onions, persimmon, a mulberry, watermelon, a lemon, pineapple, grapefruit, banana, then your health considerably will improve.

Kind of strange it did not sound, and our organism on the basis of food draws the conclusions with which you can not agree.

If you consume a lot of junk food which breaks various processes in an organism, force any systems to work very hard (using caffeine), then can forget about easy conception and the healthy child as only the healthy system will correctly work.

It turns out that for successful fertilization both the man, and the woman have to eat properly. The organism before conception should be saturated with vitamins and all necessary minerals. So you will give the sign to the body that now that time when it is necessary to bring the child.

Important! The healthy nutrition assumes existence not only vitamins and minerals, but also lack of any preservatives, carcinogens and substances which stimulate work of nervous system.

We calculate an ovulation

Above we said about when there comes the ovulation and as it is correct to use this knowledge. However many girls are concerned by a question: how to learn when at me there comes the ovulation that I was prepared and became pregnant in time.

The fact is that it is rather difficult question with which it is better for you to go to the gynecologist, especially, if you deal with an unstable menstrual cycle.

Further, after visit of the gynecologist, we will focus on characteristic feelings which speak about an ovum exit in a uterine tube:

  1. Severe sharp pains around one ovary. At the same time pain should not remind painful feelings in muscles and coincide, as a rule, with the approximate beginning of monthly.
  2. Increase in sexual inclination. At the chemical level the organism gives a signal that everything is ready to fertilization.
  3. Weak blood allocations from a vagina which can be followed by release of slime.

The rupture of a follicle, as well as any strong damage of fabrics, is followed by inflammation and temperature increase. Therefore, if at you temperature higher than 37 ˚ sharply rises With and to 38 ˚ With, so ovum left an ovary and in the nearest future there will come the ideal moment for fertilization.

Important! Several times in a year fruitless cycles which can be revealed only measurement of body temperature can be observed.

We study poses

In most cases the pose during sex does not influence an opportunity to become pregnant if, of course, this pose does not contradict gravitation in any way, that is when the partner is from above.

It is rather scrupulous subject as its discussion can touch feelings of partners. The fact is that there are poses in which length of a genital of the man as it can not always enter completely plays a role and, respectively, release a seed in a uterus. However seriously you should not think on this subject, the simplest poses always have great popularity and, fortunately, are the most optimum.

It is better to pay attention for 10-15 minutes after sexual intercourse during which the girl has to lie not movably that the bigger quantity of spermatozoa hit the mark.

We watch health

In every way trying to become pregnant, many forget about the simplest factors which can strongly affect success of process. The feeling sick, overfatigue, a sleep debt, constant nervousness and many other things can have an adverse effect on fertilization.


If you constantly are nervous, then be not surprised to the fact that your cycles get off, and sometimes it is necessary to wait for an ovulation several months. It is all about hormone prolactin which is emitted at constant nervousness and disturbs an ovulation, worsening at the same time readiness of the covering uterus covering for acceptance of an ovum.

Men who constantly are nervous produce bad genetic material, at the same time, the potency decreases.

It turns out that daily problems can influence attempts to become pregnant also strongly, as well as addictions.

Sleep debt.

Eternal problem which not only workaholics, but also many young couples which have no starting capital for providing future family face. Girls who suffer from a sleep debt are often awarded with violation of a menstrual cycle that is caused by fluctuation of a hormonal background.

Men also face problems as a result of absence of the put hours of a dream. At the stronger sex the mobility of spermatozoa decreases owing to what genetic material, having got into a uterus, is simply amorphous, it does not hurry to execute the main function, perishing in the adverse environment. As a result a sleep debt — one more negative factor which at the hormonal level ruins all your plans.

Whether you know? During pregnancy the uterus of the woman increases almost by 500 times.

We are sent on leave

Saying about how it is easy to become pregnant in case nothing is impossible, we will remember that the spirit, positive emotions which promote production of hormone of happiness is not of small importance.

Any travel will be excellent disposal of daily problems. It is not important at all, you to the village for several days, or to the Egyptian pyramids will eat, the main thing that you felt freedom from pressing problems which daily torment your nervous system.

Think of whether you will have time for rest after the child is born. Children it not only joy, but also problems, responsibility. It is extremely important to future parents to take a small break in a routine to enjoy a slow course of life, to be glad serenity, to see something new.

Can seem that positive emotions are the at all not most important factor which influences pregnancy, however think that in our life many acts are influenced by emotions, and it will be better if you receive a stock of positive impressions of rest, before conception of the child.

What the man has to know

The stronger sex also has to approach thoroughly process of pregnancy and observe the small set of rules which will help to increase chance of successful fertilization.

  1. At least a month before alleged conception it is necessary to cease to take alcoholic drinks and to refuse cigarettes.
  2. To reduce physical activity as it reduces mobility of spermatozoa to a minimum.
  3. To refuse visit of a sauna, a bath and a steam room. It is necessary for us that genitals did not overcool and did not overheat.
  4. We take off tight jeans and adjacent underwear not to squeeze an inguinal zone.
  5. Several days, and are better week, to refrain from sex before alleged conception. So you will increase amount of sperm which to be allocated during sexual intercourse and, therefore, will increase chance of fertilization.

Important! Any contact with harmful chemicals is inadmissible as they, getting to an organism, have negative effect on sperm.

Stimulation of an ovulation

Let's notice that stimulation of an ovulation is necessary only for those girls who suffer from infertility, or cannot become pregnant for a year.

It is important! If you are more than 35 years old, then to stimulation resort already in half a year of hopeless attempts to become pregnant.

The girl can be given stimulation assignment only after inspection which will define the reason of lack of an ovulation. If inspection reveals that without intervention to become pregnant it will not turn out, then the course of treatment is appointed.

It is worth understanding that survey of both future mother, and future father is carried out, if the man is infertile, then there is no sense in stimulation.

Drug treatment is carried out with purpose of the exact list of medicines and the corresponding instruction of reception. At the same time testing, various inspections is systematically carried out.

We will not describe the list of medicines as their reception without exact instruction can cause serious consequences.

The success of stimulation depends not only on the doctor and drugs, but also on age, the state of health of future parents and the cause of infertility.

Oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are used not only for prevention of pregnancy, but also for creation of optimal conditions. The fact is that during reception of these means the ovulation does not occur, the ovum remains in ovaries, and the body is at rest.

After you stop accepting contraceptive (the end of a full or partial course), the chance to become pregnant increases practically up to 100%.

Important! After cancellation of reception there have to pass about 1-3 months, depending on duration of reception of contraceptive.

There is it for the reason that in the course of reception of oral contraceptives the release of hormones is oppressed, and receptors become more sensitive to these hormones. After cancellation of reception the natural emission of hormones to which receptors react stronger that promotes stimulation of an ovulation begins. However it is worth remembering that not reception of contraceptive will help with each case as this medicine does not treat infertility, and only strengthens an ovulation for cancellation. Consider the fact that the effect lasts a short period then everything falls back into place.

Traditional medicine

Alternative of medicamentous stimulation is stimulation by folk remedies. The sage is for this purpose used. For receiving infusion on 300 ml of water take 1 tablespoon of a sage, make and accept 3 times a day. Reception is carried out to the first 2 weeks after periods.

It is possible to accept mummies (smolopodobny substance which is also called mountain oil) together with sea-buckthorn, carrot and quince juice in a proportion 1 to 20.

Now you know what should be done to become pregnant. We not strongly recommend to use medicines in case at you it did not turn out to become pregnant in short terms. Give to your organism a little time, and you with ease gain the expected effect. Try to distract more often from vital problems, to lead a healthy lifestyle and to follow a number of the rules described in this article.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team