As most to create the flash-website

As most to create the flash-website

Today to become the owner of a qualitative Flash-resource, it is optional to have professional skills and knowledge gained as a result of long months, and even years of training. Therefore even the beginning webmasters are capable to create the qualitative creative, original website.


1. For creation of the flash-website you will need the Adobe Flash CS4 program. It can be loaded free of charge on open spaces of a world wide web. After that install and start the program to start work. If you decided to create such website, then it is better to prepare all material in advance. First of all write the text which you plan to place on future resource in the certain editor. Then you need to take care of outer side of the project: prepare different buttons, photographic materials, videos and many other multimedia objects, depending on the selected subject.

2. Begin creation of your website with opening in the program of layers in number of four units. For convenience name the created layers. The first layer call "Buttons", the second — "Pages", the third layer will be is registered as "Tags" and, at last, the fourth will be named the English phrase of Action Script. After that select the tenth picture and click F6, thereby having created a key shot. Do the same actions with the fifteenth and twentieth picture. Then select the twenty ninth shot and click F5, it will also be a key shot. In the same way it is necessary to create three "klyuchevik" on the following layer of "Tag". And just prolong the fourth layer up to the 29th shot by means of the key press of F5.

3. On the first layer add in advance prepared images of buttons by means of simple drag and drop. Then block all layers except "Pages". For this purpose click and hold ALT and click with a mouse on on the top column. The following step place the prepared text on the homepage, selecting the ninth slide. After that select the twenty ninth shot and also insert the text and there. Thus it is necessary to create all pages of the website which you planned. There are also more difficult options, however this way helps to understand structure of your future Internet resource better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team