As to add idols to VKontakte

As to add idols to VKontakte

Idols in VKontakte social network call the celebrities having own pages and also users with a large number of subscribers now. If desired you can add references to them to the page.


1. Come into social network under the login and the password. Select the People item in the top menu of the homepage. Specify in search options a floor – men's or women's. As a result you will see links to pages of the famous people which will be noted by ticks. It means that pages are original and were personally confirmed by their owners.

2. Click the link to the page of the person whom you consider the idol. Click "Add as a Friend" located under an avatar. After that you will be immediately signed on updates of an idol, and the reference to its profile will be added on your page where will appear in the special section "Interesting People". The latest news and updates of a profile of an idol will appear in the section "My News" on your page.

3. It is possible to add to the section "Interesting People" not only celebrities, but also regular users of VKontakte, however for this purpose they should have more than 1000 subscribers. Sign up for updates of one of such people, and he will appear in "Interesting people" at once.

4. Usually famous people do not add as a friend of those whom they do not know personally, however some nevertheless do exceptions. If the person to whom you sent the application added you as a friend, he will become available in the corresponding list on your page. You get access to its personal data, will be able to send messages and to place publications on its wall.

5. If the person interesting you has no profile in VKontakte social network, you can add independently on the page information on it, for example, the link to its personal website. It is also possible to create a photo album and to add to it the photo of an idol or to place the latest news, music records, videos and other information on him on the wall to tell about your preferences to friends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team