As to send the file to VKontakte

As to send the file to VKontakte

The social network "VKontakte" created once by Pavel Durov is very popular. Such popularity is formed including because this network allows people not only to communicate with friends, but also to transfer each other any files in the different ways.


1. If you want to send any file to the friend or any other user of social network "VKontakte", you can make it by means of ordinary private messages. Visit the page. Before you there is your main photo, to the right of it you will see the personal information, under it records on your wall, and to the right of a menu avatar, containing the following items: "My page", "My friends", "My photos", "My videos", "My audio recordings", "My messages", "My groups", "My answers", "My settings". Click the section containing all list of your friends select the one to whom you are going to send the file, and click with the left mouse button on his name.

2. Now before you the page of your friend is open. It is arranged just as yours. Under the main photo of the friend you will see the Write the Message function. Having clicked this inscription, you will open a window in which data of the recipient on top are located, in the center - the main field for message text entering, and in the bottom of the Send and Attach function. To attach any file to the message, you need to press the Attach button. Now you should select type of the attached file. It can be audio or a video, the photo, the card or any other document. After the file is selected and attached, just left-click on the Send function.

3. Except sending files private messages, you can share files, attaching them to friends on a wall. To do this procedure, visit the page to the user of VKontakte necessary to you, find all records on its wall (they are located under the main information of its profile). At the top of a wall there is a field which allows you to leave a note on others wall. Click it, enter the text of the message (or leave this field empty). Under the text message the Attach button will appear. Having clicked it, you will be able to add the photo, video or an audio recording, graffiti or some other document on the friend's wall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team