How to accelerate loading from the Internet

How to accelerate loading from the Internet

Every day a great number of Internet users extort gigabytes of data. Each of them wants loading to happen much quicker. But as a practice shows, most of them use a huge number of software which complicates pumping out of data from the Internet. Let's talk in more detail about acceleration of loading from a wide area network.


1. First of all, turn off automatic update of your system. For this purpose it is necessary to enter administration of the computer and to select item of "service". Then disconnect Automatic Update service. Now your Internet will not use speed on a pumping out update.

2. Control loading of anti-virus update. By default each antivirus puts parameter update in the automatic mode. Thus, it can begin to update bases when you conduct loading from the Internet. That it did not occur, put your antivirus in manual control. As soon as it occurs, bases will be updated by you when you want.

3. If you download information not through a torrent program, then disconnect it. Never use the standard loader of your browser. In addition to slow loading, at browser errors you can lose already downloaded information. Then loading process should be begun again. Use special programs for this purpose, for example "download master". This utility will provide the high speed of a gallop and will sort the received content on categories.

4. Use file exchange services. On them you will be able to buy to yourself a premium accounts. Users with such accounts have advantage in downloading of information. Such service will increase downloading speed in proportion to high cost of the account.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team