How to close Internet connection

How to close Internet connection

Quite often some applications are automatically connected to the Internet and begin to download necessary updates or installation files of new versions. To prohibit or limit such access, it is necessary to use software solutions at the level of the operating system.

It is required to you

  • Software of Kaspersky Internet Security.


1. For ensuring safe work of all system in general it is recommended to use built in the Windows Firewall operating system or to use the special software, for example, of Kaspersky Internet Security. As a part of this package there is a Network Screen application, with its help it is possible to monitor work of the selected applications and to limit if desired in the rights.

2. Start the program if you did not make it yet, and open a main window, having clicked on an icon of an anti-virus complex in the system panel near hours. Click "Setup" which is in the right of a part of a window. You will see an applet of "Setup of the program". Pass to the Center of Protection tab and click on an application icon "The network screen".

3. Then open the Rules of Programs tab and select the utility or a program complex which Internet connection you want to limit. Click the Change button and in the opened window pass to the Network Rules tab. Then click "Add". In an applet of the displayed started processes select a line with the blocked program and click "OK".

4. In the appeared window pass to the section "Action" and click "Block". Then pass to the section "Name" and give a mark in point Web Browsing. For commission of record of the made attempts of the program in the special file of the report it is necessary to activate the option "Write in the Report". Click "OK" to close the current window.

5. In the Network Rules window you will see the program (rule) which is recently added by you which is noted by a flag be "Prohibited". To close all open windows, several times click "OK". Then start the blocked program, activate an update option — this operation will be automatically interrupted.

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