How to clean cupronickel

How to clean cupronickel

Tableware and ware from cupronickel are very beautiful. Unfortunately, this material very whimsical in use and easily darkens. Besides, on it there can be spots from various chemicals literally spoiling thing. In other words, any German silver objects, whether it be ware or tableware, need timely regular cleaning. That the effect was beneficial, it is necessary to clean cupronickel correctly and accurately appropriate means.

It is required to you

  • ammonia solution, salt, means for washing of ware


1. It is necessary to begin cleaning of German silver objects with normal washing of surface dirt. If the thing is strongly polluted or on it there is stiffened fat, originally it is necessary to remove dirt by means of warm water and normal means for washing of ware.

2. The subject cleaned from greasy raid can be washed up once again cool water with small addition of ammonia solution. If metal has not managed to darken yet, such way to clean cupronickel will give it pleasant light shade and beautiful gloss. The similar result can achieve, having taken subject in water in which eggs cooked, and then having wiped dry.

3. If on the surface of cupronickel spots have appeared or it has darkened, it is necessary to resort to more serious measures. As good way of cleaning serves ancient folk remedy: the tablespoon of salt and shell from two crude eggs is put on liter of the beginning to boil water. It is necessary to wait for solution boiling, to lower in it German silver objects and to allow them to boil about a minute. After the procedure, metal will begin to shine as silver again.

4. The good effect can achieve if to lower German silver thing in ammonia solution, then to rinse and wipe quickly. Such reception removes even old dark stains.

5. More difficult, but very effective way of cleaning of German silver objects is the galvanic method. Its implementation will require current source as electrolysis is the cornerstone of technology. The method is very simple. In the glass container with water the cleaned subject is located, the second subject from any metal (nail, other spoon, small piece of iron, etc.) is put there, then electric current is connected. It is important to watch that "minus", and to auxiliary "plus" has been connected to the cleaned subject. Speed of cleaning depends on tension size – the it more, the dark raid will quicker depart. For comparison, at voltage about of 24B the German silver spoon will be cleaned off approximately in 1 second.

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