How to come to other website

How to come to other website

There are situations when it is necessary to pass to other website, but at the same time there are any problems, for example, the page is not loaded or the computer hangs up. What to do in similar cases?


1. Check connection to the Internet if it is impossible to come to other website. Perhaps, it is absent, and you work in a standalone mode. Be reconnected to network.

2. Click "Refresh the Page", perhaps, it will solve your problem. Sometimes, some websites stop the existence, and links to them still remain therefore at you and it is impossible to open them.

3. If computer freezes also does not react on any actions, try to key at the same time Ctrl, Alt and Delete. On the screen of the monitor the window under the name "Task manager" will appear. On the Applications tab select the hung-up working program, for example with "Internet Explorer" and click "Remove a Task". After that it is possible to try to start this observer again.

4. Use the Reset button which is on the system unit of the computer. Click it, further it will be rebooted.

5. Try to clean a cache memory of your browser. In the Internet Explorer program right-click on a desktop on the IE icon, select "Properties" and press the Delete Files button. In the Mozilla Firefox browser click in the Tools menu, then "Settings", select In the addition tab, then a tab "Network" and the option "Clean a Cache". In the observer of "Opera" click Ctrl + F12, go to In the addition tab, then and on the contrary click the inscriptions "Disk cache" the History bookmark "Clean now".

6. Happens and so that the website on which you are contains a harmful virus which does not let you to other pages. Sometimes the window with the offer appears to put a certain sum of money for the specified phone number, to receive the code which it will be possible "unblock" the computer. Do not give in on similar tricks. After your payment even if you also receive the code, most likely it will help nothing. In that case, most likely, it is necessary to reinstall the operating system of the computer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team