How to cross out the text of VKontakte

How to cross out the text of VKontakte

Sometimes to express the thought more fully, to emphasize intonation or to secretly let out what it is not accepted to speak aloud about, there is a need to write something the crossed-out text. Such opportunity is also in VKontakte social network.


1. To change fonts, color of letters and so forth on pages of the different websites on the Internet, there are special signs – tags. The tag for striking out of the text of VKontakte looks so: ̶. Select this combination of signs with the left mouse button (together with a semicolon, but without point).

2. Click on the keyboard at the same time Cntrl and letter C (these are the hot keys for text copying). Put the cursor before the text which you need to cross out, and click at the same time Cntrl and letter V (this other combination of the hot keys - the insert command copied).

3. In the same way insert the tag after each character (letter or the sign) of your text. For example, the word "hi" should look as a result so: ̶п̶р̶и̶в̶е̶т̶. Now after sending the message the word "hi" will be crossed out.

4. If you need to cross out the volume text in VKontakte, the manual way can be too labor-consuming. In this case it is possible to use one of special scripts - the tools intended for striking out of the text. Through any Internet search engine it is possible to find a set of such services. You need to enter only the text in one window, and in another it will appear already crossed out. Copy the text from the second window in a message box of VKontakte.

5. It is also possible to install on the page VKontakte one of applications which will allow you to cross out, emphasize, circle at any time with a frame or to overturn the necessary text in the status or the message.

6. For this purpose select on the page in the top menu the Games button. Type in the appeared search string a word "text". Select the suitable application from the list and install it on the page.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team