How to block the user

How to block the user

Agree that not all users of social networks — pleasant interlocutors, and not with each of them you are ready to support communication and to interact somehow. However unpleasant interlocutors sometimes try to stimulate undesirable communication — and in this case you will be helped by skill of blocking of users.


1. Let's consider a locking gear of users on the example of the website "Schoolmates" (This algorithm will be suitable for the majority of social nets). On this social network, as well as in VKontake, there is a convenient function of the black list. If you are bothered by the importunate accomplice if you do not want to receive from him messages and to communicate with him — add the user to the black list, and you will not see its messages, spam, advertizing and to that similar any more.

The user whom you added to the black list not only has no opportunity to write you messages — he cannot visit your page, to leave comments and in general to show any activity on your account.

2. Let's assume, the unwanted user whom you want to block wrote you the message. Open the section "Messages" and find the message sent by the necessary user. Mark out the user about the text of the message a tick and click "Block".

Now confirm blocking — the user will appear in the black list where you at any time can come and add new users, or on the contrary unblock existing. To move away the person from the black list, just click about its icon in this section "Delete".

3. Also, in addition to social networks, you can have a desire to block the interlocutor in the system of exchange of fast messages. Let's consider blocking on the example of the popular Google Talk messenger (This algorithm will be suitable for the majority of messengers).

In the list of the contacts Google Talk select the necessary user, click on its login and click "Delete a name". The window in which it is necessary to select further action will open. Note point "read your messages and contact to you in other ways. To unlock the interlocutor, come into settings of the contact list, open the list of the blocked users and unblock the necessary name.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team