How to develop Vkontakte application

How to develop Vkontakte application

Due to the universal development of social networks nobody is surprised any more to the fact that masters of an advertizing and other enthusiasts rushed to this sphere with the ideas. What users of VKontakte since opening of the website only did not face, but online games and applications gained really huge popularity among users of social networks. For an example, all the known game "Happy Farmer" brings to the creators more than $20 million a year.

It is required to you

  • Knowledge of elements of algorithmization and basic principles of object-oriented programming. It is necessary to understand surely the ActionScript language, to be able to create flash-animation in Adobe Flash.


1. Do not rush at once to create the application if you feel that your knowledge of Flash and ActionScript does not correspond to good level. Study textbooks, the thematic websites, blogs, practice until you are delighted with the received results.

2. Decide on the application creation purpose. Remember that the user of VKontakte is tempted onlinewith -games, type "Happy farmer" for a long time therefore you hardly surprise someone with mediocre "browser". Study needs of users, the competition, have a clear view of future application it what you want to see it. It is possible "to hook" on the user only professional design or the original idea today. A striking example – "Races on keyboards" or "Street races"., It seems, anything special. Yes, the idea interesting, but honor diagrams any. Here only creators position these applications as highly profitable business for a long time, and their earnings are calculated in millions of dollars.

3. Start application creation from plotting of all parts and components. If at you it is bad with drawing, then employ the artist on the websites of remote work who will professionally create for you the design document for a certain reward. Creation of animation and programming – destiny of professionals. Or practice, do not achieve excellent result yet, or make personal investments.

4. Test the application. There are special commands of testers which will check your "flash card" in all respects. Well and, by itself, show the creation to relatives and listen to their opinion, it is attentive to it having listened.

5. When the application is tested and is debugged, start sending it on moderation. Use the service "API VKontakte" to place files of the game on servers of social network, and wait for the answer from administration. After approval be engaged in promotion, if you created applications for earnings, then it is possible only at the number of users more than 500000 people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team