How to disconnect a ping on the server

How to disconnect a ping on the server

The ping function allows to check availability the Internet of resources by sending for the used host of any data packet taking into account return time. It is possible to disconnect it, for example, during the network game when it is required to reduce time of possible delays on the server.


1. Start the main menu of Windows, open "Control panel". Click the Windows Firewall icon and open the Expanded tab in a dialog box of a firewall. Click ICMP Settings and on the contrary the lines Allow incoming echo request deselect a checkbox.

2. Click "Execute" and in the Open field enter mmc, click an input key. Pass to "File" - "Add/Remove Snap-in" and note a checkbox of the IP Security and Policy Management and Local computer field then execute an output, having clicked Close.

3. Open the IP Security Policies settings window, having clicked the right button in the left column of the console. Use the Manage IP filter Lists and All ICMP function select Traffic in the opened window.

4. Pass to the Manage Filter Actions tab, click the Next key and on the contrary the lines Filter Action Name specify Block. Click Next and do the same operation in the dialog box which opened further. Click Close, having completed the work of a dialog.

5. Use the Create IP Security Policy command in a special context menu. Cause it, having clicked with the right key the left column. Miss the first settings window "Masters of Creation of Policies", and in the second enter Block Ping in the line Name. Click Next and remove a tick opposite to Activate the default responce rule. Pass to the completing window and deselect a checkbox opposite to Edit Properties. Apply the selected changes, having clicked Finish.

6. Select the Add parameter in the IPSec window. Click Next and on the contrary All network connections apply a checkbox. Pass to the following window by means of the Next key and use the All ICMP Traffic function. Further include Block and confirm the made choice. Click with the right button a context menu of the created policy in console MMC and choose the Assign command. Now definition of a ping a system will be turned off.

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