How to find the file in the file hosting service

How to find the file in the file hosting service

Search of the necessary information on the Internet requires often a lot of time. To reduce this process, it is possible to follow some rules of a file exchange resource or to find the reference to the specific file. It will allow to find what is necessary at short notice.


1. Open the page of the file hosting service. Find on it the panel for search. Usually for convenience of the user such resources place her in a visible place. Enter the name of the file which you want to find. Search is possible even by a certain fragment. Only consider that in this case results it can be much bigger, than by search by the full name.

2. If did not find the file by name, begin search by rubricators. But not all file exchange networks have them. The fact is that many users create content of the file hosting service independently, but not always trouble themselves systematization of the files on the corresponding categories.

3. Use the general search engine of any browser. Often it works much more effectively, than internal service of the file hosting service. For this purpose create request of the file in which specify its name and the address of the file hosting service.

4. Create a subject at a forum of a file exchange resource or leave the message on a subject in the guest book if you did not manage to find files in the listed above ways. The answer where to find the required file, you can receive from the moderator or other net surfers. It is possible that your interlocutors have this file and will be able to share it directly.

5. Ask for the acquaintances or friends placing the content on a file exchange resource to send links for downloading. It is an easy and safe way to find the file. Enter the link into a line for search of any browser or just click it for transition.

6. Look for links to files on different portals of entertaining character which give an opportunity of free downloading of movies, music, computer programs, etc. without registration. Most of users have links on similar resources. But in this case it is possible to come to a third-party site.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team