How to increase the speed of downloading of movies

How to increase the speed of downloading of movies

If you want to watch the movie, at all it is optional to buy a disk. Equally well you can look at its online or save on the hard drive of the computer. For increase in speed of loading you can use one of simple methods.


1. When viewing the movie online speed depends on quality of video, on the speed of your data plan and also on extent of loading of your channel of access to network. For increase in speed of loading lower quality of video which you watch, to level until the speed of loading is optimum. You can also disconnect all programs which to some extent involve connection to network, thereby having maximized the possible speed of the Internet. If the above-stated actions do not help, then change of a data plan towards higher speed will be the only output.

2. If you load the movie by means of a download manager or by means of a certain download manager, then you will need to perform a number of operations. Maximize a boot priority, turn off all other operating loadings and close your web browser. Also it is recommended disconnect your torrent client even if you do not load files into given momen as return of already loaded files can lead to reduction of speed. If rezultatiruyushchy speed will not result in result necessary to you, it is necessary to change a data plan on having higher speed.

3. The most optimum way for downloading of movies from network is use a torrent client. In this case the maximum speed of downloading depends only on the speed of your access to network therefore it is necessary to minimize the number of the programs using access to network. Disconnect the operating download managers and close the browser. Close the applications downloading the updates from network both operating in the Explorer bar, and being in a tray. After that start a task manager and manually complete those processes which have the word update in the name - at present they download updates. Minimize return speed, having exposed its value equal to one kilobit per second. Also, suspend all operating loadings in a torrent client except that which is necessary at present.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team