How to install subjects on the website

How to install subjects on the website

Modern CMS allow the user to manage without knowledge of programming practically all parameters of own website. For newbies in site building and organizers of own blogs often there is enough opportunity to add own entries on pages and to change design of the website. All most popular engines support installation by that on the project that allows to change not only the color scheme of the portal, but also its structural structure.

It is required to you

  • CMS installed on the website (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, etc.)


1. Installation of the Joomla template defines appearance of the website. There are two types of subjects for CMS: Site Template and Backend Template which are responsible for design of the website and for design of the admin panel respectively. Load a template from the official site of the project or from other resources devoted to Joomla. After that pass into the admin panel of the website and select the Installation menu - "Website templates".

2. Select the Install a New Template item. In the opened section select "Load a setup package", specify path to the loaded subject then click "Load and install".

3. After installation pass into the Website menu - "Templates" - "Website templates" and select the loaded subject, having pressed the Default button.

4. For CMS Wordpress extract the template downloaded from the website of developers of the project. Download by means of FTP all received files in directory/wp-content/themes, replacing if necessary files. Then pass into the control panel of your blog and select the Appearance tab - "Subjects". Select a svezheustanovlenny template and click "Activate".

5. Installation is carried out to CMS Drupal in the way, similar with Wordpress. The downloaded subject is showered in the sites/all/themes folder. In the admin panel the loaded subject is selected in point "Management" - "A website design" - "Themes". For CMS DLE all templates are located in folder/templates/.

6. If you do the website on Ucoz, then installation of a template will differ a little. Extract the downloaded archive and pass into the control panel of the website. Pass into the Management of Design point - "The designer of templates". Copy contents of the tmpl.txt file of a template in the designer.

7. Select the Stylesheet tab and copy the styles.css file in the corresponding window. All drawings which are in the img folder need to be loaded on the server. Installation of a subject is finished.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team