How to lift distribution speed

How to lift distribution speed

To have high rating on the tracker, it is necessary to distribute as much as possible. You can increase distribution speed, using several easy ways.



First of all, optimize your computer for achievement of the greatest possible speed of distribution. The less programs use the operating connection with network, the above there can be a return speed therefore it is necessary to bring to naught the number of the applications using the Internet. Switch-off the browser, messengers and also boot managers. Open a tray and switch off the programs working in the background. Start a task manager and turn off the processes having the word ""update"" in the name - they download updates.

2. Configure a torrent client for ensuring the greatest possible speed of loading. Select files which are intended for distribution then right-click on them. Pass into the ""prioritize"" submenu and install ""high"". After that again come into the ""prioritize"" menu and select the ""limit distributions"" submenu. Install a tick on ""beyond all bounds"", having thereby lifted limits of distribution on the selected files. Open settings a torrent client through the Configuration menu. Turn off restriction of a flow for distributions, having put the corresponding tick.

3. Keep in mind that speed will be maximum only in the absence of intervention of other applications. Any intervention from other programs will lead to reduction of speed. In need of use of the web browser or configure it, having disconnected pictures, or install the Opera mini browser. The main objective of this observer - minimization of the entering and outbound traffic providing loading of Internet pages. All information loaded on your computer, a snachada passes through the proxy server where it contracts, losing flesh to eighty percent. You can also turn off loading of images, having minimized loading of the channel when using Opera. Keep in mind that this browser was initially intended for work on cellular devices therefore previously take care of the Java emulator installation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team