How to pass level 1066 "Treasures of pirates"

How to pass level 1066 "Treasures of pirates"

The popular online game "Treasures of Pirates" attracts users of social networks, irrespective of their age, employment and education level. Passing of difficult levels causes difficulties in many therefore I offer accurate strategy as it is possible to pass with little effort level 1066 "Treasures of pirates".

How to pass 1066 the Treasures of Pirates level

To pass this the difficult Treasures of Pirates level of 1066, it is necessary to approach a game most built and attentively. For its passing it is required to cross two stars on the game field and to try to break all counters.

The complexity is that the field constantly drags on a web. The longer process of folding of crystals in the necessary combination lasts, the it is less than chances of passing.

Besides the player is limited in actions – he is given only 20 courses, after that all cages will be tightened by a web, passing will become impossible. Besides it is necessary to manage to try a set of combinations to put crystals in the form of stars. Nevertheless there is a defining strategy how to pass "Treasures of pirates" of 1066.

Strategy for passing of "A treasure of pirates": 1066 level

  • In the beginning it is necessary to try to cope with a web, to try to remove it from all black tags. The more tags it will be released, the more there will be a field for maneuver.
  • To save time, it is necessary to leave alone guns so far, not to try to destroy them, and to be engaged in cleaning of the field. It will save the courses which are very necessary for creation of a combination from stars which are necessary for passing of a treasure of pirates of 1066 of level.
  • For this purpose it is possible to use lightnings, simple combinations and crossing of two stars, depending on layouts. It is possible to try to reset lower or top, or to try to release both sides of the field. In the help it is possible to attract linear stones.
  • It is better to begin with a construction of simple combinations of lightnings, after destruction of a web all octopuses, guns and boxes will receive on one blow.

The key moment of this level – to create and bring together with each other two stars, using successful combinations which will allow to cross them. If it works well, the double blast wave will blow up all stones, including with black tags, then this the difficult Treasures of Pirates level of 1066 will be passed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team