How to play on hamach online

How to play on hamach online

Hamach are the program intended for creation of virtual local area networks on the Internet. At the correct setup this program will allow you to play the most various computer games on LAN network (provided that they support such mode) and also to share files, as during the work with a wired local area network. To play across Hamachi online, you need to perform the following operations.


1. If you installed the Internet through ADSL, then the modem needs to be switched to the router mode (to make it, use the manual to the modem). Having made it, you will be able to see games which were created by means of the program.

2. Download the program, having used any search website. Then during installation check opposite to the inscription "Noncommercial Version of the License". If you do not make it, then the program will demand the activation code or the serial number.

3. After you installed the program, start it. At first we will need to create network. For this purpose click on the Creation New, or an Entrance to Already Existing Network button, and then select "Create network". Remember that it is not necessary to create too difficult and long passwords, your friends also need to enter them.

4. If you want to join already existing network, then press the Enter into Network button, enter the name and the password. And after connection in the list there have to be your friends, and opposite to them - green asterisks. Double click on them, and before you the ping window will open.

5. For a comfortable game (reduction of a delay) come into the control panel, and then select "Control center of networks and access" - "Network connections". In a new window in the right corner click "In addition" and click "Additional parameters". Using arrows, drag the Hamachi program on the first place and reboot your computer.

6. If after performing these actions all of you cannot be also connected to the created local game, again open "Network connections" - "Properties". In the opened window click on properties of the TCPIP protocol (IPv4) and enter the main gateway

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team