How to send an animashka to the friend

How to send an animashka to the friend

By e-mail, as well as on normal, it is possible to send not only the letter, but also a card. If the normal motionless picture seems to you too boring, send to the addressee - "animashka" - a card with moving images, and sometimes and with a sound.


1. Practically on any computer and even on many phones it is possible to view the animated image in the GIF format. For this purpose pass one of the following сайтов:Скачайте the animashka which was pleasant to you, having used the right mouse button and point of the Save the Image... context menu then send by e-mail in the form of attachment. Also it can be downloaded phone browser then to send on MMS.

2. Essential shortcoming GIF анимаций is the lack of a soundtrack. This restriction is absent at animashka in the Flash format. But you should not send them in the form of attachment - the user can not understand how to view such file. Also consider that for their viewing the addressee will need Flash-progryvatel. It is on the majority of computers (even with Linux), but is absent practically on all phones. For the choice of a card pass to one of the following сайтов:Выбрав the pleasant card, select all text in an address bar of the browser (Ctrl+A), copy in a clipboard (Ctrl+C) then insert into a body of an e-mail (CtrL+V). The link to a card can also be sent according to ICQ, Jabber, Skype, etc.

3. The speaking cards are considered as the most modern. Moving images on them are absent, but, having opened a link, the recipient if on its computer the Flash-player is installed, will hear your congratulation said by the speech synthesizer. To make such message, pass to following сайт:Выберите a card with the plot which was pleasant to you, click it, and several data entry fields will appear. Fill all fields, including the e-mail address of the recipient, and, above all - enter the text of a congratulation. Click "Listen" to check what turned out and if the result was pleasant to you, send it to the addressee the Send button.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team