As it is correct to use eye shadow pencil

As it is correct to use eye shadow pencil

- universal remedy for make-up of eyes. With its help it is possible to draw accurate arrows, to create indistinct contour or to visually increase density of eyelashes. Choose the liner of suitable color and learn them to use correctly - then you will be able to create beautiful make-up in only several minutes.

It is required to you

  • - base under make-up;
  • - pencil for eyeliner;
  • - latex applicator;
  • - shadows.


  1. Choose qualitative pencil of right color. The slate pencil has to be rather soft, not scratching skin. The liner of dark gray or chocolate color will be suitable for daily make-up, they will help to create soft velvet look. For evening make-up choose black pencil with gloss which will look especially effectively at artificial lighting. The bright or metallized liners which can be combined with each other will be suitable for extravagant make-up or to supplement in classical dark colors.
  2. Apply the fixing base on eyelids, it will not allow pencil lines to be smeared. Hammer means with finger-tips and let's it be absorbed. Do not impose fat creams on eyelids - on it the make-up badly lays down.
  3. Over base distribute shadows of basic color. If you want to allocate accurately arrows, use cream, pinkish or pearl gray shadows. For more reserved make-up use shadows of average saturation - beige, greenish-gray, lavender. Distribute them on all mobile century, shadows will become good basis for pencil.
  4. Grind pencil slate pencil. Begin to bring upper eyelid, doing short strokes and conducting the line from the center of century to external corner of eye. The tip of arrow can be raised or prolonged slightly for contour of century. Then finish drawing the line to internal corner of eye, without it the make-up will look incomplete.
  5. If you want to increase visually eyes, duplicate the line, having strengthened pressing of slate pencil at external corner of eye. The arrow can be shaded the thin latex applicator, lines will be softer, and look - velvet.
  6. You bring lower eyelid thinner line, keeping as it is possible closer to roots of eyelashes. Connect upper and lower arrows in corners of eyes and the applicator slightly pound the line of joint. You do not bring mucous - on it the pencil quickly spreads, provoking reddening and irritation of eyes. Besides the internal eyeliner visually reduces eyes and does look rigid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team