How to synchronize Opera

How to synchronize Opera

When using the Opera browser the web surfer has an opportunity to synchronize the bookmarks, express panel contents, the made notes and other personal information by means of Opera Link service. At the included service if, for example, you add or delete references in the browser of your personal computer, then same most will be automatic also in your browser in the netbook, the laptop or the mobile phone.

It is required to you

  • Opera browser


1. For synchronization of Opera the green icon in the browser panel is enough to click.

2. However if at you this option is not activated yet, then it is necessary to do several preliminary steps. At first open the section "Synchronization" in the menu and click the Include Synchronization point.

3. The browser will show a welcome window in which just it is required to click Next and it will show the following window where it is necessary to fill out your registration data. Except the login and the password (twice), here it is necessary to specify your email address to which the link for activation of the registered account will be sent. Here it is necessary to give a mark about consent with terms of use of service and to click continuation of the procedure.

4. The Synchronization Parameters window will be the following. In it seven data types which synchronization is available in Opera Link service are listed. All of them are by default noted, but if you want to exclude something from the list - remove a tick at the corresponding point. When you prepare everything, click "Complete".

5. After that the letter in English containing the reference for activation will come to the address specified by you. Having passed to the specified address, you will make Opera Link service available for use in full. In the section "Synchronization" of the menu of the browser instead of the Include Synchronization point three others will appear. Now you can synchronize with the settings of any of the browsers stored on the Opera servers installed in other computers and mobile devices.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team