How to test the website

How to test the website

Improvement of quality of advertizing texts promotes repeated increase in profit. For definition of their compliance to the interests of visitors it is necessary to test the page of the website on which they are. Results of testing will help to define the directions for optimization of structure of the website.

It is required to you

  • - computer;
  • - optimizer of Google Website Optimizer.


1. Set the purpose which you seek to reach at testing application. As a rule, main goals are: attraction on the page as is possible the bigger number of buyers and their detention on it for a certain time.

2. Create the list of changes of the page of the website. Make different options of headings and structure of advertizing texts, change execution of the page: backgrounds, fonts, banners, pictures and other elements.

3. Install on the website the optimizer. Select option of use of a script of the optimizer: A/B Experiment or Multivariate Experiment. In the first option for each version of the page when using Google Website Optimizer the separate URL address is formed, and the script redirects a part of visitors of the website on alternative pages. In Multivariate Experiment option the redirection on other URL is not carried out, the script alternates the changed blocks on your page.

4. Make experiments at significant changes of structure of the page and at insignificant modifying of its elements. For reduction of time spent for testing you see off it at the same time on two and more than parameters. Besides, at the same time you can test several pages.

5. Analyze behavior of visitors for each version of the page (the block on the page). Estimate the number of transitions of visitors and average time of stay on the page for different options. Make the decision on expediency of use of any given version of the page of the website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team