"How to update Nod32 if there is no network"

"How to update Nod32 if there is no network"

The modern user of the computer does not see the life without the Internet. The antivirus software in this regard is very important key to safety of your iron friend. Therefore very important not only to have the installed program on the computer, but also to constantly update its bases as new viruses and different malicious applications develop daily.


1. Copy archive of Nod32 bases from the computer on which there is an Internet. Open the folder in which there is an installed antivirus. Normally it is the C:\Program files\ESET\ folder. Find the nod32.000,nod32.002,nod32.003,nod32.004,nod32.005 files, nod32.006 and the updfiles folder in this folder and copy them. Then delete everything from the updfiles folder which you copied, except the lastupd.ver and upd.ver files. Place other files in archive and transfer to the computer in which it is necessary to update anti-virus base. To install them. and to update bases without the Internet, follow these steps.

2. Extract all contents of archive in the predeterminated folder. Start control center of an antivirus of NOD32. Come into the menu update and select the update item. In a window which opened click "setup". In the following window "setup of automatic update" click "servers". Further in the servers window click "add". In the following window enter a folder path in which you copied bases of an antivirus (for example, C:\update\). Confirm both actions with clicking of the OK button.

3. Come into the "setup of automatic update" window to update an antivirus. In the Arrangement block, the Server menu select the created path to the local folder (for example, C:\update\), confirm the choice with the OK button. In a window of update click "update now". The program will display the message that bases were updated. Further, to update bases without the Internet, restart the computer.

4. Download virUpdate script (http://forum-pmr.net/attachment.php?s=eab83ab34bfe2757df42ecacf6f8d3f9&a...). Install it or copy on the USB stick. Insert the USB stick into the computer in which there are an Internet access and the installed nod32 antivirus. Start a script from the USB stick, click a space and an enter, and bases will be copied on the USB stick. Insert the USB stick into the computer in which there is no Internet access, and the antivirus is installed. Start a script and click an enter to update anti-virus base. Reboot.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team