The most effective advertizing of the website on the Internet

The most effective advertizing of the website on the Internet

The Internet - one of the most high-growth branches of marketing. Only for the last year the budget of the largest companies spent for advertizing on the Internet rose 70 percent.

The modern Internet offers the huge choice of marketing tools. But each of them executes a certain purpose and has the pluses and minuses.

Search advance of the website


10 years ago rather small number of the companies was engaged in it. At the same time specialists in spite of the fact that search engines were imperfect, them it was easy to deceive and manipulate their delivery, there was even less. Such companies attracted a huge number of clients, putting rather not big budgets. Over time the number of potential clients grew and together with them also the competition grew — more and more companies wanted to receive the share from this market. At the moment for the majority of business goods and goods of the general consumption the input cost on this market grew to very large sizes, but still maintains rather high profitability. The main minus of this technology of customer acquisition from the Internet is that the result will be not at once. Depending on goods and the region the term of advance can be of few months up to one and a half years.


Advertizing on social networks

The convenience of advertizing on social networks is caused by huge audience and a possibility of rather fine tuning of advertizing campaign. It is possible to install the filter on age, sex, the residence, a kind of activity and many other parameters. The only, but very essential minus is the high cost of advertizing and almost total absence of tools on its decrease. In general, one may say, that this tool should be used only if it is necessary to create captive audience with which it is planned to work at an extent of long time and to profit not by single sale and also to create loyal audience for start of "gossip hotline".

Contextual advertizing in search engines

Advertizing in search engines — one of the best tools for direct sale of goods and services. Its main advantage — demonstration of the advertizing message to the user who is interested in it. It reaches rather high conversion that in turn levels the increased cost of rather search advance. Also It should be noted that the contextual advertizing yields result right after start of advertizing campaign.

CPA networks

CPA networks are special organizations which are intermediaries between specialists in the area the Internet of advertizing, which have a certain audience of people, and advertisers for whom it is necessary that the interested people made specific actions on their websites: were registered, made purchases, ordered a call back and so forth. This way has the greatest efficiency from all sorted in this article, but nevertheless has rather serious minus — the lowest profitability from all possible options.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team