What is optimization of the website

What is optimization of the website

Because the Internet develops, nearly every day being replenished with the new websites, occurs fight for the place in the sun is natural. Make the website now insufficiently - it is important to be able to optimize it correctly. Otherwise search robots will not approve your project, and the website will not contact large audience.

How does it work?

Optimization implies improvement of functionality and content of the website, and further its advance in search engines. The main task of optimization is promotion of online project and involvement of large audience in its work. Optimization is more often used by those who try to sell something.

To understand how it is correct to optimize the website, it is necessary to trace the strategy of behavior of the typical user. The typical user is an average user, perhaps, your future client.

Strategy of the typical user

It is important to remember that the chief conductor of any person on the Internet is the search engine. And the person trusts this search engine as he selects it for one reason or another. Entering the interesting request into the search string, the user receives the list of the websites which can help with the solution of the arisen problem. It is known that nobody will begin to go through hundreds of pages of the given results, and will use only the first, having followed 2-7 links.


After click according to the link, the user gets on the website. It is obvious that unclear inteface and chaos will frighten off the client, and it will hardly use services of the website. If the interface as it should be, then the following step - reading and estimation of content. Actually, at this stage the user will also make the decision, to continue to cooperate with you or not. If service has commercial character, then it is necessary to think also of convenient feedback. Otherwise the "small fish" who got on a hook will break from it at the last minute. And hardly you will be able already to catch her.

Seo-optimization - what is it?

Search, or seo-optimization is a kernel of process of optimization of the website. Apparently from the name, seo promotes the website in search engines. Yandex and Google are considered as the most demanded systems.

How does it occur? All your content, i.e. articles and images located on the website are indexed by the search robot (he is called still "spider"). Articles should contain keywords. These are just those options of requests which are entered by users to find information. "Spider" defines relevance (i.e. compliance) these keywords and uniqueness of each article. Then carries out the website to overall rating. It is called internal optimization.

External advance is not less important. It is carried out due to "citing" your website on other resources. The search robot, being on already untwisted website, follows the links located on it. If one of links yours, then optimization automatically increases.

Black list

If content is not unique at all, i.e. was copied from other website, then the website automatically is included in the black list. This list unambiguously guarantees a promotion failure online. The uniqueness of content can be checked by means of the special websites and programs in advance ("Advy Plagiatus", Content-watch).

Recently requirements of search robots increased and began to index images especially attentively. Therefore their copying from other websites can threaten with unsuccessful seo-optimization.

Also it is impossible to place at the same time many references to your website on third-party resources. If to overdo - it will lead to ignoring by "spider" of your website.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team