What social networks are dangerous by

What social networks are dangerous by

It seems that with the advent of social networks there was only one danger – an otlynivaniye from work when employees cannot "chronically get out of Vkontakt". However it not absolutely so. Potentially social networks are capable to do much harm much stronger.

If you actively use social networks, then already faced different dangers of this fashionable "toy". For the beginner the similar web can seem the real paradise that actually is not that. Such people should learn about the main dangers of "social spheres" to evaluate the forces and possibilities of acquaintance to them.


You do not go, children, in the Internet to walk


First of all, what was already specified earlier, social networks "steal" the mass of effective time. One more picture, one more joke, one more interesting quote and … the person understands that the working day already comes to an end, and is made very little. And to overtake for it tomorrow it will not turn out any more as the same social networks will catch in "networks".

The main danger of social networks - the dependence on them, invisible, but ruthless.


Besides, together with dead time there is also other danger – a fast high. The person is so programmed that he needs for achievement of happiness to make some efforts. Go to shop to buy yum-yum, to build the house to live happily with the family, to spend years at institute to become the high quality specialist.

On social networks all not so. At the minimum efforts of you, a maximum of pleasure from new video, audio, the picture, quote. And this fast high becomes a habit that leads to depreciation of the obtained information. If earlier many people read jokes only on the last page of the real newspaper, on the Internet everything became quicker, more simply and … obestsenenny.

And there is a new danger – decrease in emotional reaction of the person to the events. The brain and the user's organism in general get used to live in a status of constant pleasure that causes a certain resistance (accustoming) and less the mood excites. More and more irritants are necessary to derive pleasure, and behind it the new watch which is carried out to networks.

The physical danger is available too, and it is obvious to each sane person. A hypodynamia, developments of stagnation, different diseases against the background of the first and second. Anything good. And most "pleasant" that use all this....


Danger of social networks also that many unfair people try to profit on you. There is a lot of ways "extend a money". It and widespread appeals to raise money for treatment of the small child. And a promise of fantastic riches from participation in the next partner program. And the offer to buy "an immortality elixir from a unicorn horn".

On social networks chance to meet the swindler many times above, than in real life.

And against the background of the general dependence, "a fast high" and constant aspiration to a klikking – it works.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team