Why in a maynkrafta cocoa beans

Why in a maynkrafta cocoa beans

Cocoa beans in the game Minecraft can be received from fruits of cocoa which parasitize on tropical trees. Beans are used as brown dye and ingredient for creation of cookies.

As cocoa grows

Fruits of cocoa can be found in the jungle where they grow on trunks of huge trees, or to grow up independently from cocoa beans. For this purpose it is necessary, having gripped a bean, to click the block of wood of a tropical tree. It is necessary to pay attention that cocoa can grow even on the separate block of the corresponding wood which can not be a part of a "live" tree. Players actively use it, decorating the dwellings. The fact is that the grown fruits of cocoa remind very graceful and beautiful small lamps or lamps sconces.

At a cocoa fruit three growth phases. On the first two it remains not too big size and dull color, at the third stage the fruit of cocoa grows approximately to a half of the normal block and gains orange-brown, saturated color. If to destroy a fruit at the first two stages of growth, only one bean will drop out of it. Completely ripened fruit at destruction gives three beans. Fruits of cocoa require only one condition for growth - it is the block of tropical wood. Lighting level, height and other factors do not affect maturing process in any way.


Use of cocoa beans

Beans of cocoa can be used for coloring of wool and the burned clay. To color wool, it is enough to place in the next cells the block of white wool and cocoa beans on a workbench or in craft window (creations of objects) in stock. However it is much more favorable to color a white sheep and then to cut her by means of scissors, this option saves cocoa beans and time. To color a sheep, approach her, having taken cocoa beans in a hand, and click with the right mouse button. Consider what to recolour a sheep further it will not turn out as only white animals give in to coloring.

To color the burned clay, open a workbench, put cocoa beans in the central cell and surround them with blocks of the burned clay. It will give you 8 blocks of the brown burned clay.

Cocoa beans can be used for creation of cookies. Cookies — good option of power if you have not enough wheat. For example, from 6 units of wheat it is possible to make only 2 bread, but when adding 3 units of cocoa beans it is possible to make 24 cookies of the same amount of wheat. 2 bread in the sum will give only 5 units of satiety, and cookies — 24.

It should be taken into account, however, that the character eating cookies will get hungry quicker, than the character eating bread as in a game there is an additional saturation parameter which at bread is much higher. To make cookies, on a workbench place cocoa beans in the central cage of creation of objects, and fill extreme cages of the same horizontal with wheat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team